Presse Salons: LogiMAT 2015

SICK is pleased to present its new CLV615 Dual Port bar code scanner, featuring an integrated switch that makes it easy to install the sensor in a PROFINET IO network. Installation in a line and ring topology... Lire la suite
With its DFS60S Pro safety encoder and FX3-MOC0 drive monitor SICK has expanded its portfolio of solutions for the safe monitoring of the drives of mobile machines and, for example, automated guided vehicles... Lire la suite
Lector®642 is the name of SICK's new image-based code reader product family, which offers the ideal performance package for demanding code reading applications. Changing object heights and reading... Lire la suite
SICK safety laser scanners combine know-how and experience with maximum performance. With the original PLS from SICK, safety laser scanners for stationary and mobile machine protection have enjoyed unimaginable... Lire la suite
 Intelligent sensors record and communicate data, but there’s no real added value involved until this data can be used to make decisions on ways to improve processes. “Big data”... Lire la suite