Verification and Optimization

Safe and regularly inspected

System operators are responsible for conducting their operations safely and productively. Complying with legal requirements and ensuring the safety of people and the environment are essential. With Verification & Optimization from SICK LifeTime Services, SICK ensures that the safety and reliability of equipment is guaranteed. The experts at SICK set themselves apart with many years of experience and extensive knowledge. As a result, errors and downtime are significantly reduced to ensure operations run smoothly.

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Product family Performance check
Product family Inspection
Decades of experience protecting your employees
  • Evaluation of the optical protective devices to ensure they have been installed correctly and according to the specification
  • Inspection of whether the protective device is operating according to machine usage
  • Production of an inspection report and issuance of an inspection seal

Individual, comprehensive safety inspection
  • Inspection of the major mechanical hazards on a machine
  • Inspection of all technical protective devices for correct alignment, installation, and functionality
  • Inspection of the function and operation of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic safety-related control measures
  • Production of an inspection report

Product family Maintenance

Result 1 - 4 out of 4