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SICK LifeTime Services provide consulting and design from the start – to ensure clients benefit from efficient and cost saving solutions in line with the current legal regulations and requirements. SICK helps with the selection, design and commissioning of appropriate products, but also provides machine-specific analyses and design concepts. SICK also offers engineering services such as programming and functionality checks related to regulations, standards and specifications.

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Sustainable safety check – independent, competent and product-neutral
  • Identification of electrical and mechanical hazards
  • Risk assessment of identified hazards
  • Evaluation of existing protective measures
  • Recommendation of new or improvement of existing protective measures
  • Consideration of valid provisions and regulations
  • Service can be retrieved worldwide
Product family Feasibility study
Optimum solution through the definition of required functions
  • Definition of the required functions
  • Evaluation and identification of ambient conditions and electrical and mechanical requirements
  • Testing of the system
  • Documented recommendation for an optimum solution
Product family Data recording
Precise data recording for generating reference maps for AGVs
  • Check of the ambient conditions along the planned AGV routes
  • Definition of the optimal system-specific scan plane for collecting scan data
  • Precise recording of data in order to generate reference maps
  • Provision, documenting and archiving of scan data
Product family Map production
Generation of precise digital maps for AGVs
  • Check of the scan data provided for map generation
  • Processing of data sets for optimal reference map generation
  • Offline thorough check of reference map
  • Provision and archiving of reference map

Result 1 - 4 out of 4