Safety controllers
Flexi Soft

The software-programmable safety controller

Your Benefits

  • Modular adaptation to the particular requirement means optimum scalability and therefore cost savings
  • Intuitive configuration software featuring comprehensive functions for straightforward engineering
  • Rapid verification of the safety application: The configuration software provides documentation and a wiring diagram
  • The main module's diagnostics interfaces and the configuration storage facility in the system plug enable rapid commissioning, component replacement, and troubleshooting, resulting in minimum downtimes


The software-programmable safety controller

The Flexi Soft safety controller can be programmed via software. Thanks to the modular hardware platform, Flexi Soft provides a tailored and efficient solution for a whole host of safety applications. A wide range of modules are available: main modules, gateways, digital and analog input/output modules, Motion Control modules, as well as relay modules. The license-free Flexi Soft Designer configuration software enables intuitive programming, rapid commissioning, and continuous diagnostics down to the automation level. Functions to enable safe controller networking, safe series connection, or safe drive monitoring reduce costs and boost productivity. A whole host of additional functions means that Flexi Soft is able to bridge the gap to system solutions from SICK.

At a glance
  • Safety controller with modular hardware platform
  • Configuration saved in the system plug
  • Safe controller networking with Flexi Line
  • Safe series connection with Flexi Loop
  • Safe drive monitoring
  • Safe analog value monitoring
  • Flexi Soft Designer license-free configuration software


Modular, flexible and powerful

The Flexi Soft safety controller solves both simple and complex tasks, because Flexi Soft offers main modules, expansion modules and gateways that you can flexibly combine to fit your requirements. Combined with other SICK safety components, the range of functions for your individual machine design can be significantly expanded, such as with Safe Motion Monitoring and Control or Safe EFI-pro.
Flexible series connection with Flexi Loop

Flexi Loop makes it possible to safely connect up to 32 sensors in series. Flexi Loop is easily mounted and configured, and it continuously outputs diagnostic data on the status of your sensors. You can view the resulting status information at the machine or in the configuration software.

Product recommendation Flexi Loop

Gateways Integration into higher-level controllers is done with gateways. Flexi Soft supports all common fieldbuses such as PROFINET or EtherNet/IP™. The Flexi Soft Designer software makes configuration simple. This makes it possible to implement secure and continuous data transmission that meets the requirements of Industry 4.0.
Analog module With the analog input module, you can integrate sensors with analogue output signals via a standardized interface. Such sensors are suitable, for example, for use on AGVs for fall protection and for monitoring the driving speed or temperatures.

From simple to complex: Adjust the safety controller precisely to your system

Intuitive in every detail

A safety controller must offer more than just safety: With Flexi Soft, you get a safety controller that is easy to configure using software and is also intuitive to use. The Flexi Soft Designer or Safety Designer configuration software also makes it easy to implement and document safety configurations. The status of the Flexi Soft stations can be viewed at all times and is displayed in a transparent manner. This significantly reduces your machine design and commissioning costs.
Simple mounting in the control cabinet Flexi Soft not only offers a modular design in which all individual modules can be easily connected, but also simple mounting in the control cabinet. All inputs and outputs can be quickly connected via spring-loaded terminals.
Intuitive configuration via software

The Flexi Soft Designer configuration software makes it easy to configure, document and evaluate applications in the Flexi Soft safety controller. The result: Efficient engineering without additional costs.

To the Flexi Soft Designer configuration software

Simple and efficient: Get your system up and running quickly using configuration software

Clever combination of functions

A wide range of functions makes the Flexi Soft safety controller a great choice for use in different applications. The integrated logic of the modular controller helps solve even complex tasks and provide status information. Cleverly combined, Flexi Soft allows for the use of important sensor data for high productivity thanks to the use of SICK interfaces.
Networking of safety functions with Flexi Line The Flexi Line safety network is flexible, scalable and easy to configure using the Flexi Soft Designer software. Flexi Line enables modular machine concepts with up to 32 safely networked Flexi Soft stations. Easy-to-teach modularity: Remove or integrate machine modules as you wish.
Safe drive monitoring with Safe Motion Monitoring and Control

Safe Motion Monitoring and Control combines the “Measure”, “Monitoring” and “Control” functions. Safe Motion Monitoring and Control continuously monitors the speed and position of motors. This means that there are no dangerous movements, which results in higher availability of your machine and less scrap.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft Drive Monitor

Reliable monitoring with Safe EFI-pro

The Safe EFI-pro system is suitable for use in demanding robotic applications and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Easily network safety laser scanners and safety encoders with the Flexi Soft safety controller. The system ensures a safe exchange of sensor data and diagnostic information.

Product recommendation Safe EFI-pro system

Universal and connected: Benefit from additional efficiency while the machine is running


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety levelPL e, SIL3
    Configuration methodVia software
    System construction


    1 system plug

    1 main module

    0 ... 2 gateways

    0 ... 12 expansion modules

    0 ... 8 relay modules

    Fieldbus, industrial networkCANopen, CC-Link, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT®, Modbus, PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, EFI-pro, SSI, Incremental, Serial
    Safe SICK device communication



    Safe networking

    Flexi Link

    Flexi Line

    Safe drive monitoringYes
    Safe series connection with Flexi LoopFlexi Loop
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