Safe Motion Monitoring and Control
Flexi Soft Drive Monitor

Safe movement monitoring in mobile and stationary applications

Your Benefits

  • Enables innovative safety concepts due to drive safety functions in line with IEC 61800-5-2
  • Optimal combination of countless encoders and safety laser scanners for maximum flexibility
  • Efficient use of the working range due to direction- and speed-dependent protective field switching with safety laser scanners
  • Easy integration of a wide variety of safety encoders from SICK
  • Time-saving engineering; documentation and diagnostics of the Flexi Soft Designer or Safety Designer configuration software
  • Fast logic development using predefined, modifiable, freely configurable function blocks and applications


Safe movement monitoring in mobile and stationary applications

The Flexi Soft Drive Monitor monitors the movement, speed, direction and position of machine parts. Thanks to its high-performance logistics functions, it efficiently solves challenging mobile safety applications in the logistics sector. In stationary applications, the Flexi Soft Drive Monitor increases productivity with reliable speed monitoring in setup mode and during tool and workpiece changes. Thanks to the certified drive safety functions in the device, completely stopping the machine is usually not required. The machine is configured using the intuitive configuration software of the Flexi Soft safety controller. This makes it possible to implement innovative machine concepts and continuous production processes.

At a glance
  • Safe Motion monitoring module for safe drive monitoring
  • Drive safety functions such as SS1, SS2 or SLS
  • Variant with safely-limited position (SLP) and safe cam (SCA)
  • Encoder interfaces: HTL, TTL, Sin/Cos interface, SSI, HIPERFACE®
  • Intuitive configuration software with certified function blocks