Safe operational status

High productivity thanks to Flexi Soft Drive Monitor

Dangerous movements of automated guided vehicle systems must be monitored safely. The Flexi Soft Drive Monitor motion control module does just this.

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Precise view of drives

Safe measurement of drives with encoders

Do you want to reliably measure movements of automated guided vehicle systems? Safety encoders provide all the important information for this, such as data on speed and the steering angle.


Making safety a reality

Flexi Soft increases the availability of your machine

The Flexi Soft safety controller and the Flexi Soft Drive Monitor process all received machine movement data. Movements are made safely and monitored as well.

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Safe Motion

Safe movements are the foundation of maximum machine availability

Safe operational status
Precise view of drives
Making safety a reality
Safe Motion

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Safe movement monitoring in mobile and stationary applications
  • Safe Motion monitoring module for safe drive monitoring
  • Drive safety functions such as SS1, SS2 or SLS
  • Variant with safely-limited position (SLP) and safe cam (SCA)
  • Encoder interfaces: HTL, TTL, Sin/Cos interface, SSI, HIPERFACE®
  • Intuitive configuration software with certified function blocks
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Standstill monitoring without additional sensors
  • Standstill monitoring by means of residual voltage measurement
  • 3 normally open and 1 normally closed positively guided safety contacts
  • 2 application diagnostic outputs for semiconductors
  • 1 application diagnostic output normally open
  • PL e (EN ISO 13849), SIL3 (IEC 61508), SILCL 3 (EN 62061)
  • Maximum motor supply voltage 690 V
  • Adjustable voltage threshold and standstill period
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Optimal safety protection in maintenance mode
  • Zero-speed and drive monitoring
  • 4 safe semiconductor outputs
  • PL e (EN ISO 13849), SIL3 (IEC 61508), SILCL3 (EN 62061)
  • Maximum input frequency of 2 kHz
  • Adjustable monitoring limit/monitoring frequency from 0.1 to 9.9 Hz or 0.5 to 99 Hz
  • 2 application diagnostic outputs for failure and status display
  • Diagnostic LEDs
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Result 1 - 3 out of 3


Safe machine movement

Safe Motion includes the safe monitoring and control of machine movements. Together with different safety products, Safe Motion fulfills many tasks, from standstill to speed and position monitoring. This ensures continuous processes. Safe Motion combines the right hardware, logic and functions for your application. This helps you prevent machine downtime and reduce setup times on your machine.
Precise recording: Safe Motion Measure

Safe Motion Measure offers safety encoders and safe motor feedback systems from SICK. They detect the position, angle and speed of automated guided vehicles and forward the corresponding data to a safety controller.

Product recommendation DFS60S Pro

Product recommendation AFS/AFM60S Pro

Product recommendation SRS/SRM50

Continuous monitoring: Safe Motion Monitoring

Thanks to motion control modules, machine movements can be permanently monitored with Safe Motion monitoring. Their main job is to initiate and execute drive safety functions in a targeted manner.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft Drive Monitor

Reliable control: Safe Motion Control

Safety controllers execute drive safety functions. The safety controllers evaluate received data and react in the event of danger.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft

Safe monitoring in mobile and stationary applications

Different requirements necessitate variable solutions. Whether for implementing simple or complex safety concepts: Safe Motion Monitoring and Control from SICK makes this possible in a simple and intuitive way. With Safe Motion Monitoring and Control, you significantly increase the availability of your machine. Save costs as you do not need any additional protective devices.
Safe drive monitoring ensure high reliability

Steering angle and speed must be monitored in mobile applications. 11 different drive safety functions ensure flexibility for machine design. Safe Motion uses dynamic protective field adaptation to adjust machine movements to changing protective fields. For example, your automated guided vehicle system will only stop when it is really necessary.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft Drive Monitor

Reliable standstill and speed monitoring

For stationary applications, the functions of the Safe Motion Monitoring and Control range from simple standstill monitoring to the monitoring of complex drive safety functions. This means processes can be controlled very well, downtimes can be greatly reduced, and processes can be made more flexible.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft Drive Monitor

Product recommendation Standstill Monitor

Product recommendation Speed Monitor

Plug and play for safe movements

Safe Motion from SICK continuously and reliably monitors your machine, turning dangerous machine movements into hazard-free motion. In addition to safety, however, the focus is also on economic efficiency. With Safe Motion, SICK offers functions that reduce downtime and increase machine efficiency. The intuitive software also simplifies the configuration of your application.
Economic combination The Safe Motion product range includes many well-matched devices and features numerous safety functions. The sensors can also be quickly integrated into machine designs and put into operation. Safe Motion stands for continuous processes and short machine downtime.
Quick commissioning

You can use the license-free Flexi Soft Designer or Safety Designer configuration software to configure your Safe Motion products. For easy integration of drive safety functions, the clear, intuitive software offers preconfigured function blocks.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft Designer

Product recommendation Safety Designer

Increases machine performance thanks to drive monitoring

If you know the exact direction of travel, speed and position of a machine part, you can significantly optimize processes. This makes it possible to coordinate and synchronize work processes. This saves you time and money and significantly increases the availability of your machine. Applications up to performance level e can be reliably handled with products from SICK.
Reduced setup and maintenance times

The setup and maintenance process can be greatly reduced by safely monitoring moving small and large machine parts. The safely limited speed (SLS) Safe Motion function makes it possible to work in hazardous areas. This is how you can protect your staff and benefit from greater machine efficiency.

Product recommendation Speed Monitor

Product recommendation Flexi Soft Drive Monitor

High availability thanks to efficient processes

Machine movements can be optimized thanks to extended drive safety functions such as safely limited speed (SLS) or safely limited position (SLP). Human-machine interaction is also possible without shutting down the machine.

Product recommendation Flexi Soft Drive Monitor