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Insiders know more. Motor feedback systems in the field of robotics deliver the data on speed and position as well as on the condition of the drives to the control system. They thereby create the sensory foundation for all robot movements. These Smart Motor Sensors from SICK are right in the center of the action and provide the necessary data for the efficient control of the robot and the plant.

Selection of robot applications for position feedback

Position feedback image
Position feedback image

Articulated arm robots

With its compact design, the EEM37 motor feedback system is suitable for all articulated arm robot versions. With HIPERFACE-DSL® technology, it enables new applications such as safe robotics for optimal human-robot collaboration.
Position feedback image
Position feedback image

SCARA robot

SEM70 is a motor feedback system with HIPERFACE® interface for large hollow shaft and torque motors. The hollow shaft enables cables to be routed internally for SCARA robots.
Position feedback image
Position feedback image

Linear robots (Cartesian)

The TTK50 and TTK70 motor feedback systems work with a non-contact measurement principle and are therefore wear-free. Thanks to the absolute length measurement system, reference runs are no longer necessary. This makes the system ideal for linear applications for measurement lengths of up to four meters.


Position feedback image
Position feedback image

Delta robots

Due to its compact design, the SKM/SKS are well-suited for very dynamic applications such as delta robots. All variants feature an electronic type label and a HIPERFACE® interface and fulfill the safety requirements according to SIL2/PL d.

Our products and solutions for Position Feedback

Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE DSL®
Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE®
Linear encoders
Linear motor feedback systems

Practical examples – stories in the SICK Sensor Blog

Smart Motor Sensors from SICK are ensuring HIWIN robots are safe and fit for the future

Robot manufacturer and expert in linear technology HIWIN is using motor feedback systems from SICK in its new 6-axis robots for pick-and-place applications. This saves space and ensures that the 5-kilogram robot is also fit for future collaborative applications.

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