Measurement of the truck profile

Trucks that are too wide or too tall can cause accidents or damage to the infrastructure. The VPS Pro profiling system automatically measures vehicle dimensions using LMS511 2D LiDAR sensors, even in areas that are difficult to reach. 3D visualization that highlights protruding objects with colors allows quick localization of the potential hazard. The system is suitable for custody transfer applications.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family Free Flow Profiler
    The benchmark for automated measurement of vehicles
    • Automated and precise measurement, even in bad weather
    • Remote access to the Free Flow Profiler via a web browser
    • Event logging and monitoring of the Free Flow Profiler system status
    • Communication of measured vehicle data via TCP/IP interface
    Product family VPS Pro
    Setting a benchmark in road and traffic technology
    • Automatic and precise measurement of vehicle dimensions
    • Information about the measured vehicle via TCP/IP interface
    • Step-by-step configuration wizard for commissioning
    • 3D model of vehicle with colored oversize indication
    • Additional engineering support, e.g., integration into a higher-level system