Automated port loading and FOUP identification

The risk of material breaks in expensive semiconductor wafers must be kept as small as possible. To ensure this is the case, sensors are used, monitoring, for example, whether a FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pod) is jittering too much when being lowered. The miniature photoelectric sensor WL100L detects these kinds of unwanted movements. As a Class 1 laser sensor, it poses no risk to the operator. The EcoLine wire draw encoder, lightweight at just 180 grams and also energy-saving (3 W), provides the exact position of the FOUP. Information about the FOUPs, which ultimately provides information about the location of the wafer, is required for effective process control. Regardless of whether a RFID, 1D, or 2D code reader is being used, SICK's 4Dpro concept ensures that all of these have the same connectivity and user interfaces and can be integrated without any problems.

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