Indirect object localization via data fusion

An indirect tag-based localization solution employs the principles of summarizing assets and linking different technologies. Small objects are identified, for example, based on their bar code and stacked on a pallet that has been equipped with an RFID tag. The identified objects are associated with the pallets. The manned forklift trucks are equipped with an RFID read/write device and a UWB tag. When a manned forklift trucks picks up a pallet, the RFID read/write device automatically identifies the pallet. The identification data stored in the RFID tag of the pallet is forwarded to the localization software via TDC-E gateway systems. The localization software then links this data to the manned forklift truck, and thereby indirectly to its position, as this can be determined in real time by means of the UWB tag. Using the position data of the manned forklift truck and the link data, you can always identify where the material, pallet and manned forklift truck is currently located.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Scalable localization system for recording position and status data of assets
    • Tracking functionality
    • Indirect object localization via data fusion
    • Geo-fencing: Automated triggering of defined follow-up processes as soon as assets reach or leave certain geozones
    • Event management