Collision avoidance for quay cranes

The AOS502 STS object detection system safely and reliably detects ship superstructures to ensure quay cranes do not collide. The system evaluates data from various warning and stopping fields around the crane so that it stops at collision risks. Flexible field settings on the laser scanner allow to cover boom and crane to crane anti-collision at once. Combined with the TDC-E mobile gateway and Monitoring Box software, the system provides smart data transfer to the terminal systems such as real-time data, predictive services and analytics data.

  • Following product families can be used
    Advanced system reliability for area monitoring even in harsh conditions
    • Non-contact detection due to LiDAR technology
    • Adjustable, application-specific monitoring areas
    • Automated self-test cycles
    • Customized control configurations
    • Easy implementation of new functions
    • Optional gateways for remote diagnosis or data analyses
    Continuous status monitoring for sensors and machines
    • Visualization and evaluation of status data
    • Log book for clear presentation and documentation of events
    • Configurable alarms
    • Presentation of limit value deviations
    • Can be implemented at the customer’s premises or in the SICK cloud
    • Can be used on mobile devices
    • Password-protected access