Protecting wheel loaders and bulldozers

When operating a wheel loader or bulldozer, there is a risk of colliding with other moving vehicles when reversing. Infrastructure such as embankments, stockpiles, and ROM bins, also pose a significant collision risk. While loading and unloading, a wheel loader is constantly moving back and forth, with the operator’s primary focus being on the bucket. The MINESIC100 WPS is a high-precision collision awareness system which monitors critical areas surrounding the rear end of the vehicle. The system warns of impending collisions and provides operator assistance in critical maneuvers.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Full coverage rear-end collision warning
    • Visual feedback (touch screen operator display) and audible alarm
    • Open interface to fleet management / dispatch systems & event logging
    • Full functional operation across speed range (0...vmax)
    • Active reverse assist for maneuvering in confined spaces
    • Displays accurately all obstacles behind the vehicle (windrows, vehicles, personnel) in real time