Hazardous area protection on a mobile robot

Flexible material transportation to the rotary machine is carried out using a mobile robot. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the S300 Mini safety laser scanner can be optimally integrated into small mobile units. The S300 Mini provides non-contact detection of any people or objects that are in the robot's path. As a result, the mechanical damage experienced when using switching strips and bumpers can be eliminated.

  • Following product families can be used
    Very high functionality in mini format
    • Can only be used in EFI system network, e.g., with a Flexi Soft safety controller or another safety laser scanner
    • Ultra-compact design
    • 2 m or 3 m protective field range
    • 270° scan angle
    • Up to 16 switchable field sets
    • Selectable resolution for hand, leg or body detection
    • Extended system solutions in combination with Flexi Soft safety controller

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