Component identification

Each car seat possesses a code number. This number and along with other data, such as assembly date, vehicle type, etc. are contained in an RFID tag. This tag is located under the material of the seat. The data it contains is read by the RFH63x RFID read/write unit. Together with the car body identification, this ensures unique traceability over the entire production cycle.

  • Following product families can be used
    • 13.56 MHz RFID read/write device for read ranges up to 240 mm
    • Transponder communication according to ISO/IEC 15693 standard
    • Compact, industrial design with integrated antenna
    • Embedded protocols allow interfacing with standard industrial fieldbus technologies
    • Powerful micro-processor executes internally configurable logic
    • Flexible trigger control
    • Supports parameter cloning via microSD memory card
    • Built-in diagnostics