Access protection with differentiation between people and material

The C4000 Fusion safety light curtain can be used to teach a variety of skid contours. This enables car bodies to be move in at any time. If a worker enters the safety zone, however, production is stopped. Additional muting sensors and swing doors are not required.

  • Following product families can be used
    • TÜV-certified system with permanent protective field monitoring and PL d
    • Detection of objects through intelligent protective field evaluation
    • Function block for integration into Siemens S7 controls
    • Only 2 safety laser scanners with vertical alignment of the protective fields required
    • Type 4 (IEC 61496), SIL3 (EN 62061), PL e (EN ISO 13849)
    • Self-teaching and dynamic blanking for access protection related to the application
    • Hand and area protection in dirty environments
    • Multiple sampling
    • Reduced resolution
    • Fixed blanking
    • 2 virtual photoelectric switches
    • Integrated laser alignment