Fixed mount bar code scanners

Wider range – SMART performance

Your Benefits

  • Reliable bar code identification across large reading distances
  • Dynamic focus control allows the scanner to accommodate a large depth of field by dynamically adjusting the focus to the object distance
  • Compact design and easy operation enable installation in situations with limited space
  • Extremely easy to configure, shortening commissioning time
  • Short commissioning time
  • Reliable operation
  • Parameter cloning plug ensures very short MTTR


Wider range – SMART performance

The CLV45x series of bar code scanners offers dynamic focus control and a large depth of field. This scanner can read bar codes at distances of up to 1.6 m (63 inches). SMART, SICK’s advanced code recognition technology, ensures accurate read rates, even with damaged or poorly printed codes. In addition, the profile programming function enables you to configure device parameters without the need for additional tools. The CLV45x series comes in a compact, IP 65-rated housing made of cast aluminum. It is available with an oscillating mirror for applications where the bar code label position varies. The oscillating mirror version can also be used in static applications where the bar code location is poorly defined. Thanks to its outstanding features, the CLV45x can provide a simple and cost-effective solution for applications in material handling and warehousing systems.

At a glance
  • Dynamic focus control in real time
  • Immune to ambient light
  • Large reading distance of up to 1.6 m
  • Auto setup ensures automatic optimizing of reading performance
  • CAN bus compatible
  • High read rates, even with damaged, rotated, or dirty bar codes
  • Adjustable scanning frequency up to 1,000 scans per second


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview
    FocusDynamic focus control
    Aperture angle≤ 50°
    Scanning frequency400 Hz ... 1,000 Hz
    Code resolution0.25 mm ... 1 mm (depending on type)
    Reading distance125 mm ... 1,600 mm (depending on type)
    Serial (RS-232, RS-422/-485)✔ , AUX (only RS-232)
    Ethernet✔ , optional via external connection module (CDM + CMF)
    CAN bus
    PROFIBUS DP✔ , optional via external connection module (CDM + CMF)
    DeviceNet✔ , optional via external connection module (CDM + CMF)
    Weight530 g / 700 g (depending on type)
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product