Switching automation light grids

For a wide range of detection and measuring tasks – light grid in very compact housing

Your Benefits

  • Simple integration in tight installation spaces thanks to the narrow housing and no blind zone
  • Detection of the thinnest objects such as envelopes or metal sheets thanks to cross-beam function.
  • Precise leading edge detection thanks to short response times and high resolution
  • Integrated measurement, classification and Smart Task functions reduce the effort required for data evaluation and implementation.
  • Maximum flexibility for individual evaluation of measurement data through single-beam evaluation.
  • Maximum monitoring and process reliability thanks to detailed diagnostic functions
  • Quick and easy configuration via IO-Link and SOPAS ET


For a wide range of detection and measuring tasks – light grid in very compact housing

The SLG-2 is an automation light grid for various detection and measuring tasks. It features two optics variants: One with frontal and one with side light emission. They allow for the narrow light grid housing to be integrated into almost any application. The SLG-2 has no blind zone and is available with detection heights from 100 mm to 2,400 mm. Thanks to the 9x cross-beam function, the light grid achieves very high resolution and reliably detects even very thin objects. Smart Tasks and the powerful IO-Link COM3 interface make processing of measurement data in the device possible. The detailed diagnostic information of the SLG-2 can be used for condition-based device maintenance.

At a glance
  • Housing dimensions: 12 mm x 24 mm, detection heights: 100 mm to 2,400 mm
  • Slim and flat housing variants
  • Cross-beam function: Up to 9 beams
  • Short response times due to its own light grid ASIC
  • Detection, classification and measurement functions as well as Smart Tasks
  • Detailed diagnostic information
  • IO-Link COM3 interface

Compact design

Simple machine integration thanks to compact design

In modern machine designs, space is usually quite limited. In many places, every millimeter counts and it is important that dimensions are very compact. These are just the right application conditions for the SLG-2 light grid – the powerful solution for classic detection and measuring tasks. The SLG-2 is available in slim and flat variants, which means it can be integrated very well into various tight installation spaces, offering you a high level of flexibility for machine integration.

Small size: The housing measures 11.8 mm x 24.1 mm with flexible length.

No blind zone: Thanks to the cable connection at the rear of the housing, the distance from the edge of the housing to the first light beam is only 4.6 mm.

Two installation variants: The beam can exit either from the short side (in the slim variant) or from the long side (in the flat variant) of the device.

The SLG-2 can be integrated into nearly any application thanks to its low space requirements and two alignment variants.

Detection of narrow objects

Very high precision for the detection of narrow objects

Various features of the compact SLG-2 guarantee particularly good detection performance: In addition to a minimum beam separation of just 10 mm, the cross-beam function with up to 9 light beams also increases the resolution. That means the SLG-2 is suitable for the precise and economical detection and measurement of very flat objects such as metal and wooden panels.

Minimum beam separation of 10 mm in a very compact housing.

Precise object detection thanks to cross beam function with up to 9 light beams.

Fast response times due to optimized ASIC light grid.

Small beam separation and the cross-beam function make for excellent resolution: it allows particularly thin objects to be detected just as reliably as when several narrow objects pass through the light grid at the same time.

Processing included

Simple evaluation functions and classifications in the SLG-2 via SOPAS ET.

Measurement data can be used extensively with the SLG-2 thanks to Smart Tasks and the IO-Link interface. With the help of zone and logic functions, simple application tasks can be executed in the device. In the process, the intelligent sensor provides valuable diagnostic information about its condition. For example, the light grid signals when contamination impairs its performance too much. This data creates a foundation for condition-based maintenance and high availability.

Easy operation due to simple menu navigation and a clear display.
Thanks to simple measurement, zone and logic functions, tasks can be solved in the light grid.

The SLG-2 performs simple measuring and classification tasks internally and, depending on the application, eliminates the need for additional downstream hardware. A wide range of diagnostic information reduces system downtime and significantly increases cost-effectiveness.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Communication interfaceIO-Link
    Operating range1.5 m ... 6 m
    Sensing range, parallel beam (recommended)70 mm ... 6,000 mm
    Beam separation

    10 mm

    25 mm

    50 mm

    Optical light exit



    Detection height100 mm ... 2,400 mm
    Connection type

    Cable with M8 male connector, 4-pin

    Cable with M12 male connector, 4-pin

    Length of cable150 mm
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product