Profiling systems
Vehicle Hotspot Detection System

Fully-automatic detection of overheated vehicle parts

Your Benefits

  • Prevention of fires and traffic jams due to early detection of overheated vehicles
  • Measurement possible in flowing traffic, even at high vehicle speeds
  • Targeted identification of individual overheated vehicle zones
  • Quick vehicle inspection: On the graphical user interface of the system, overheated vehicle parts can be precisely located
  • Simple integration into local vehicle control system – no installations in the road surface necessary
  • Minimal operational and maintenance costs
  • Ready for use around the clock in any weather


Fully-automatic detection of overheated vehicle parts

The Vehicle Hotspot Detection System profiling system combines thermal imaging cameras and 2D LiDAR sensors to detect overheated vehicles. The system can be used to detect and divert these vehicles, for example before entering tunnels, before being transported by RoRo ships, at road-rail loading terminals, or at traffic control areas. The system measures the temperature and dimensions of each vehicle, determines the vehicle class and generates a 3D model of the vehicle. This allows individual vehicle zones, such as the wheels, motor, exhaust pipe or cargo hold, to be automatically identified.

At a glance
  • Fully-automatic detection of overheated vehicles
  • Adjustable alarm thresholds for various vehicle zones
  • 3D visualization of the vehicles
  • Can be extended, for example, to include the detection of license plates, hazardous goods plates or overheight
  • Data transmission via TCP/IP interface
  • All-weather LiDAR and infrared technology


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