Profiling systems
Railway Profiling System

Measurement of trains for detection and alarming of reference profile violations

Your Benefits

  • Sensitive alarm signaling thanks to high measurement resolution and detection of minimal object sizes
  • Rectification and assignment of reference profile violations which are both sustainable and specific to the cause
  • Inspection of multiple reference profiles without adjusting the sensor systems
  • Low life cycle costs thanks to minimal maintenance requirements
  • Sound measurement data as a basis for planning and creation of long-term statistics
  • Modular expandable system functions


Measurement of trains for detection and alarming of reference profile violations

The Railway Profiling System performs three-dimensional measurement of trains during travel and identifies protruding loads or train components which violate the permitted reference profiles. The trains are scanned 200 times a second using eye-safe 2D LiDAR sensors. Based on the generated 3D model, reference profile violations are detected and alarms are sent to the operator. The intuitive user interface supports detailed analysis of the visualized critical areas of the train profile as well as creation of appropriate measures.

At a glance
  • High-precision 3D measurement with 200 Hz resolution and immediate alarming of violated reference profiles
  • Data output as 3D model, 2D cross-section and camera picture
  • Configuration of several reference profiles
  • No optical sensors near the ground
  • Protocoling of all measurement data
  • Easy mounting, maintenance and operation


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Integrated applicationVehicle measurement, Verification of the permitted vehicle dimensions, Detection of overlapping objects
    Scanning frequency50 Hz ... 200 Hz, configurable
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