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SICK Installed Base Manager

Detection of the installed base - quick, easy and clear

Your Benefits

  • Easy detection of the installed base, even by several employees at the same time
  • The clear representation in the app supplies you with information about where the devices and sensors are used
  • Generation of a hierarchy which digitally represents your installed base
  • The digital representation of your installed base can be used as the starting point for analyses with the goal of increasing efficiency
  • The digital representation of your installed base is accessible for authorized employees and is easy to manage


Detection of the installed base - quick, easy and clear

With the Installed Base Manager app from SICK, the installed base can be detected quickly, easily and with a high level of quality. The app offers an overview of the devices and sensors used, and it can be updated at any time. There is also the option to directly access other product-related information of SICK products. The installed base is therefore transparent for all authorized employees in a company and can be accessed at all times using a smartphone. Detection and visualization of the installed base is the first step to making a digital twin.

At a glance
  • For Android and iOS
  • Adding assets by scanning the SICK type label
  • Adding images of sensors and machines
  • Assignment of sensors to machines and plants
  • Quick location with search function
  • Quick access to technical data and product information
  • GPS positioning of assets


Digital detection of your analog assets

Working with the Installed Base Manager app ensures that you always have an overview of the installed base instead of looking for serial numbers, locations or data sheets. You can easily detect your devices yourself; you do not need an external service provider for this.

Time-saving detection

They detect new devices without manual input in the app by simply scanning the type label of the SICK device
Foreign devices can also be added to and managed by the installed base
The Installed Base Manager helps you prevent duplicates

With the Installed Base Manager, you can digitally represent all of your assets in production.

Improve the overview

Whether a device or machine description - you can very quickly find what you are looking for with the practical search function

See at a glance when new assets can be added to your installed base
Individualized information like GPS positions and photos can be supplemented

Thanks to the free Installed Base Manager app, you can easily have an overview at all times. You always have basic device information close at hand.

Use of data

Find out which SICK devices in your installed base have been discontinued
At a glance, you can see the age of your SICK products in simple statistics
Export your data and develop your own analyses as you wish

First analyses of the installed base enable performance increases.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview




    ApplicationCapturing installed assets
    Supported productsFor SICK products and other manufacturers
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product