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Sensor solutions for robotics

The close and, at the same time, safe collaboration between humans and robots on an equal footing is the prerequisite for high productivity, increasing efficiency, and improved ergonomics. Safety technology thereby plays a key role. SICK’s extensive portfolio of safety solutions enables unimpaired and safe human intervention into the robot system and reduces downtime in production. This can be achieved with an adaptive perception of the environment with the aid of intelligent, rugged, and reliable sensors and safe systems. Together with a broad portfolio of services extending from the first consultation through commissioning and maintenance, right the way up to training and education, individual safety solutions based on customer requirements are developed.

Safety and productivity in robot systems – your benefits

• Extensive product portfolio from a single source from safety solution experts

• Safety systems and safety solutions specially for your robot application

• Range of services extending from the first consultation through commissioning and maintenance, right the way up to training and education

• Our experts are very familiar with worldwide guidelines relevant for machine safety and are actively working on the development of these standards in the responsible international committees.

• Global on-site support by SICK safety experts

Safe Robotics applications

Safe sequence monitoring

Safe sequence monitoring enables flexible solutions for human-robot interaction. The robot speed is adapted, the productivity of your plant increases.


Safety solutions from SICK enable safe and compact parallelizing applications. Access to the pallet can be granted without stopping the process. Your production processes therefore run with high performance. 

Loading and unloading

Safe Robotics area protection permits unrestricted and safe access to the hazardous area of the robot. The system ensures safe human-robot cooperation, while at the same time reducing machine downtimes.

Experts in all industries and sectors

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Our products and solutions for Safe Robotics

Incremental encoders
Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety
DFS60S Pro
Safety controllers
The software-programmable safety controller
Flexi Soft
Efficient and easy-to-use safety controller
Flexi Classic
Safety laser scanners
Economical yet reliable
S300 Mini Standard
The smallest safety laser scanner from SICK – extremely rugged and highly precise
The rugged safety laser scanner – extremely intelligent
Safety light curtains
Because we take safety to the next level
Safety switches
Compact magnetic safety switch for non-contact door monitoring
Small RFID safety switch for door monitoring with manipulation protection
RFID safety switch with magnetic locking for process protection
Safety systems
Open access for safe productivity
Safe Robotics Area Protection

Safe complete solutions – planning, development, and implementation from a single source

• Do you know the safety risks of your robot application?
• Have you done a risk assessment and must now take suitable action to reduce risks?
• Are you familiar with the guidelines and standards that are applicable to robot applications (e.g., ISO 10218-1/2, ISO/TS 15066, ANSI/RIA R15.06, RIA TR R15.606, GB 11291.1/2)? 

• Do you need assistance with how these guidelines and standards apply to your robot application? 
• Is the interaction between human and robot in your application so close that the stringent safety requirements and validation for a human-robot collaboration must be applied? 
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Services image

Our certified safety experts are ideally placed to answer all of these questions. Tailored to your individual requirements, they implement your projects quickly and efficiently at every stage – from the concept to acceptance. At SICK, you will receive the most up-to-date technical protective devices, the associated services as well as professional product management, all from a single source.

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