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SICK is at your side for the commissioning of your robot application, right from the outset

Cooperation on equal footing: On the one hand, SICK offers innovative sensor solutions for your robot application. On the other, it also has a comprehensive range of services and consulting, from the initial evaluation to the commissioning of your robot or system. Regardless of whether you approach us as an operator of a collaborative robot (cobot) or as an integrator for industrial robots – together with SICK, you can be sure that your robots will perform their tasks efficiently, safely, and reliably. Take advantage of the many years of experience of the SICK experts, who will be happy to share their knowledge with you and your employees on request.




Safe and productive use of robots

Machine vision

Machine vision

The right set-up for solutions for machine vision



Expand your robotics knowledge with trainings from SICK

Safety services and consultation for robotics

Many aspects have to be considered when planning and implementing safe robot applications

  • Do you know the safety risks of your robot application?
  • Have you done a risk assessment and now have to develop and take suitable action to reduce risks?
  • Are you familiar with the guidelines and standards that are applicable to robot applications (e.g., ISO 10218-1/2, ISO/TS 15066, ANSI/RIA R15.06, RIA TR R15.606, GB 11291.1/2)?
  • Do you need assistance with how these guidelines and standards apply to your robot application?
  • Is the interaction between human and robot in your application so close that the respective safety requirements must be complied with and validation for a human-robot collaboration must be applied?

The certified safety experts from SICK are very well prepared to handle all of these topics. They implement your robot applications quickly and cost-effectively, from design to acceptance, and tailored to your individual requirements. At SICK, you will receive up-to-date technical protective devices, the associated services as well as professional project management, all from a single source.

Safety services for your robot application

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Specific safety services for collaborating robots

Services for Robot Vision –- SICK is at your side for 2D and 3D image processing

SICK is also at your side with their services during the application of your individualized solution for machine vision – and long before commissioning starts. Consideration of the entire robot application with its various components is part of the feasibility studies, making it the basis for sustainable consulting tailored to your requirements. Whether for localization, identification, or gripping, SICK has the right machine vision solutions for the specific tasks of your robots. And after successful commissioning, SICK works with you to make sure your robot functions reliably.


Here is an example project sequence at a glance:

  • Initial consultation
  • Feasibility study
  • Integration of the solution for machine vision in the robot environment
  • Commissioning and start-up support of the solution for machine vision

Expand your knowledge with trainings from SICK

You can learn more valuable information about robotics in training courses specially tailored to robot applications. SICK experts are happy to share their knowledge with you and your employees in these trainings.

Special safety trainings for robot applications


SICK offers you individual trainings for your Robot Vision solution. 

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Robotics services: SICK is at your side

Robotics services: SICK is at your side

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