Photoelectric sensors

Your Benefits

  • Largest Zero Pressure Accumulation portfolio on the market gives users a wide variety of choices for their application
  • SICK ZoneControl solutions control the flow of packages a on conveyor without a PLC or other external control
  • Quick setup since no programming, no laptop, and no PLC interfacing are required
  • With 20 years of ZoneControl experience and personal support from SICK experts, all application and product issues are quickly addressed
  • Quick expansion or modification of the conveyor due to the modular design


Just as traffic lights regulate the flow of traffic in towns and cities, SICK's ZoneControl solutions control the flow of products on a belt – without the need for a PLC or another type of external control. ZoneControl by SICK consists of three product families to control the flow of products. This procedure is called zero pressure accumulation (ZPA). ZoneControl solutions are extremely easy to install (plug and play): Connect the ZoneControl products in series, install the sensor, and connect the pneumatic line or the connection to the motor-driven rollers. There is, therefore, no need for PLC programming, laptops, and expensive cabling. Each product contains one of two types of startup logic: single feed (with or without sleep function) and block (slug) feed, depending on the requirements of the application. So that the various requirements can be met, there are three mounting configurations to choose from: mounting between the rollers (R/IR), mounting on the side frame (ZLM), or mounting above the belt (WLR)

At a glance
  • Three mounting types: mounting between the rollers (R/IR), mounting on the side frame (ZLM), or mounting above the belt (WLR)
  • Three types of logic: single feed, single feed with sleep function, block (slug) feed
  • Up to 50 ZoneControl solutions can be connected in series.
  • Fully animated simulation to ease selection and implementation
  • Standard cut lengths of 1 m (3 ft) or 2 m (6 ft)


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    20.6 mm x 99.2 mm x 48.9 mm

    59.9 mm x 151.9 mm x 48.9 mm

    50 mm x 125.3 mm x 48.9 mm

    50 mm x 147.4 mm x 48.9 mm

    49.9 mm x 135.4 mm x 48.9 mm

    54.6 mm x 131.5 mm x 46 mm

    31 mm x 105 mm x 74 mm

    31 mm x 93 mm x 74 mm

    51.5 mm x 151.4 mm x 46 mm

    18 mm x 99.5 mm x 46 mm

    51.5 mm x 157 mm x 46 mm

    31 mm x 110 mm x 83 mm

    30 mm x 110 mm x 70 mm

    45 mm x 73.7 mm x 48.6 mm

    Sensing range max.

    60 mm ... 900 mm

    250 mm ... 1,500 mm

    250 mm ... 5,000 mm

    300 mm ... 900 mm

    100 mm ... 900 mm

    3.9 in ... 35.4 in

    0 m ... 9 m

    Light sourceLED
    Type of lightInfrared light / visible red light
    Enclosure rating





    NEMA 3

    Housing material

    Plastic ABS

    Plastic Glass fiber reinforced ABS plastic


    Potentiometer, 9 turns



All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product