Safety light curtains

Your Benefits

  • Increased productivity and short downtimes thanks to extensive and innovative diagnostic options
  • Safety and automation combined: IO-Link makes cost-effective system design possible
  • Muting provides maximum productivity and safety in differentiating between people and material
  • High availability: smart presence detection prevents unwanted switch-offs
  • Easy commissioning and configuration without the need for software, saving time and money
  • IP65, IP67, and IP69K enclosure ratings available, plus variants for explosion-hazardous areas, ensuring maximum reliability in harsh environments

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    The new generation of deTec safety light curtains is ideal for the protection of hazardous areas, entrances, and hazardous points. Intelligent and state-of-the-art technologies such as NFC and IO-Link offer completely new possibilities for comprehensive diagnosis, fast installation, and performing automation functions. The standardized connectivity and the compatible accessories for the entire deTec product family reduce variant diversity. The required functions can be activated using the appropriate M12 system plug – without the need for software. With IP65, IP67, and IP69K enclosure ratings available, plus variants for explosion-hazardous areas, solutions can be found for a whole host of different applications in harsh environments.

    At a glance
    • NFC diagnosis and smartphone app
    • Diagnostics and automation via IO-Link
    • 2-signal muting
    • Smart presence detection
    • Dynamic protective field widths
    • Configuration of all functions without software
    • Reduced resolution: 1 or 2 beams
    • IP65, IP67, and IP69K enclosure ratings plus variants for explosion-hazardous areas



    Safe and intelligent

    With the NFC technology, you have entirely new options for on-site diagnosis using a smartphone. IO-Link also makes it possible to read out diagnostic data continuously regardless of your location. The data acquired in this way can then be used for subsequent process steps; for example, taking height measurements and using a safety function at the same time. Easy configuration, completely without software, also saves time and money.

    Unnecessary downtimes and machine failures rapidly impact productivity. deTec4 provides support to machine operators and maintenance personnel in the efficient operation of machines and systems. The extended range of functions provided by the deTec4 is an innovation, ensuring increased availability. With the automation and measurement functions, you already have an eye toward the future. With the innovative SP1 and SP2 system plugs, you can easily activate the desired functions without software.

    Intelligent protection for more productivity

    2-signal muting and IO-Link Safety and automation in one: muting station with height measurement via IO-Link
    Dynamic protective field widths High level of flexibility thanks to dynamic protective field widths during operation
    Smart presence detection Safe productivity and availability: “Smart presence detection” prevents unwanted shutoffs

    Become a technology leader

    The NFC technology supports fast device configuration as well as innovative diagnostics options via smartphone app
    Safety and automation united – IO-Link makes a comprehensive, cost-effective system design possible
    Thanks to the use of data with Industry 4.0 in view, deTec4 is a future-proof investment

    Increased productivity and short downtimes—the future of mobile maintenance

    Safety guaranteed on all levels

    With the deTec4 light curtain, your safety solution is ready to use quickly. Thanks to the uniform housing design, standardized connectivity, and compatible accessories for the entire deTec product family, implementation into the machine design is always the same. Featuring sophisticated modularity, the deTec enables necessary functions to be activated using the matching system plug. An improved alignment display directly on the safety light curtain saves time, making additional software unnecessary.

    Day after day, the deTec safety light curtain ensures safety of personnel in a cost-effective manner for many industries. The intelligent device concept illustrates the innovative approach to productivity and future viability: rapid commissioning, resulting in significantly faster system effectiveness, which in turn improves system efficiency.

    Increase productivity with greater machine safety

    Reduced resolution Safety and availability using intelligent evaluation algorithms. Small objects such as thin sheets, chips or little creatures such as insects will not lead to a machine shutoff—whereas hands will certainly be detected.
    Beam coding Maximum availability and prevention of unwanted shutoffs using beam coding on adjacent machines.
    Reduced transmitting power When the distance between machines is short, the transmitting power of the deTec4 can be reduced, preventing it from influencing the receivers of an adjacent system.

    Intelligent protection for more productivity

    See how the intelligent device concept behind the deTec4 illustrates the innovative approach to productivity
    Quick and easy alignment and excellent ease of use directly on the device with an integrated alignment quality display and status LEDs

    Standardized connectivity and product-specific accessories – for the entire deTec product family, implementation into the machine design is always the same.

    Time is money – simple mounting, alignment, and commissioning in a matter of minutes. The DIP Switch Assistant in the smartphone app or in the IO-Link configuration software shows the right settings for the system plug.


    Safety and quality are paramount in the production and processing of food: Supply contaminated or inedible goods, and you will be faced with considerable financial losses and damage to your reputation. That is why hygienic packaging and cleaning processes as well as a safe machine design are so important in the food industry.

    deTec IP69K and deTem IP69K: The introduction of the deTec safety light curtains and the deTem multiple light beam safety devices has made protecting hazardous points and access points easier than ever. All of our application knowledge has been packed into the optimized protective housing with enclosure rating IP69K, resulting in a high degree of productivity.

    For our newest generation of safety light curtains and multiple light beam safety devices with enclosure rating IP69K, we did not only rethink the design. We also kept in mind the wish for more flexibility in the application. You can see this in a variety of different applications.


    Access protection on a pick robot deTec Core IP69K safety light curtains are ideally suited for protecting the hazardous point of a pick robot (infeed and outfeed). Resistant material, smooth surfaces, and a resistance to high-pressure cleaning help to prevent the accumulation of bacteria – a requirement for use in hygienic environments.
    Protecting a cutter or filler When processing meat or sausage products, both hygiene and safety have a high priority. The deTec4 Core IP69K safety light curtain reliably protects the hopper opening of a cutter or filler. Daily high-pressure cleaning is no problem.
    Access protection in cheese production Harsh environmental conditions prevail in cheese factory washing systems due to the frequent use of hot water, cleaning agents and steam cleaners. The impermeability and ruggedness of a safety light curtain play a decisive role here.

    A safe and rewarding investment

    IP69K-certified entire system for safe production
    Reduction of cleaning times for increasing productivity
    Quick replacement of the protective housing ensures a high level of flexibility

    Increased productivity thanks to long service life and high durability


    In industries with explosion-hazardous areas, a single spark can be disastrous. The protective devices used in these environments must therefore be particularly rugged and reliable in order to meet the strict explosion protection requirements.

    Safety light curtains make a crucial contribution to the effective protection of people and working environments. When combined with SICK’s deTec variants, the field of application of these devices can be expanded to include industries that require explosion protection measures and compliance with applicable standards.

    Safety, even in extreme conditions

    Automotive Highly explosive vapors arise during the painting of automobile bodies
    Food and beverages Flour dust in the vicinity of a filling station with a screw feeder carries a constant risk of explosion.

    Safe productivity – even in explosion-hazardous areas

    The rugged and reliable housing design of the 3GD variants is specially designed for use under the strict safety requirements found in explosion-hazardous areas. All devices can be cascaded, enable space-saving machine design and offer very high flexibility as there are no blind spots. A standardized connection and accessory concept saves time and money during commissioning.

    • deTec4 Ex II 3GD
    • deTec4 Core Ex II 3GD
    • deTec2 Core EX II 3GD
    • C4000 Advanced ATEX II 3G / 3D
    • C4000 Fusion ATEX II 3G / 3D
    • C4000 Entry/Exit ATEX II 3G / 3D
    • deTem4 Core EX II 3GD
    • deTem2 Core Ex II 3GD

    The SICK devices in pressure-resistant explosion-proof enclosures are approved in accordance with ATEX, IECEx and NEC. Pre-wired and fully mounted in the housing, the complete system is also UL-certified and represents a truly outstanding product that is unique on the market up to now.

    • deTec4 Ex
    • deTec4 Core Ex
    • C4000 Advanced Ex
    • C4000 Fusion Ex
    • deTem4 Core Ex

    Safety light curtains in ATEX II 2G / 2D explosion-proof enclosures, NFPA 70 / NEC 500, Classes I, II, III, Div. 1

    Maximum safety and automation in explosive atmospheres thanks to compliance with stringent regulations and strict safety requirements


    Technical overview

    • Technical data overview

      Technical data overview

      Safety level

      Type 2, PL c, SIL1, SILCL1

      Type 4, PL e, SIL3, SILCL3

      Resolution14 mm / 30 mm
      Scanning range2.5 m ... 30 m
      Protective field height300 mm ... 2,100 mm
      Enclosure rating





      Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +55 °C
    All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product