3D LiDAR sensors

Programmable. Powerful. Rugged. Versatile.

Your Benefits

  • Tailored solution thanks to programming in SICK AppSpace for different LiDAR applications
  • Configuration and programming of SensorApps which are run directly on the MRS1000P
  • Developer-to-developer support thanks to dynamic SICK AppSpace community (SICK Support Portal, tutorials, trainings, etc.)
  • SICK AppPool enables worldwide availability of SensorApps
  • Risk-free thanks to free 90-day trial license


Programmable. Powerful. Rugged. Versatile.

The MRS1000P is a programmable 3D LiDAR sensor for various industrial tasks both in- and outdoors. It is a multi-layer scanner which accurately and reliably detects and measures objects in good time and in multiple dimensions. By collecting large volumes of data on multiple scan layers and from different angles, a large aperture angle can be covered and acquired measurement data can be used universally to solve different applications. Thanks to the SICK AppSpace development environment as well as the SICK Interface & Algorithm API and HALCON image processing library, the integrated application software is extremely flexible.

At a glance
  • Four spread layers and a 275° aperture angle
  • High weather resistance and reliability through HDDM+ with multi-echo technology
  • High flexibility for a wide range of applications
  • “Welcome app” for generation of 3D point clouds
  • Easy scripting with Lua


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Measurement principleHDDM+
    Integrated applicationWelcome app (Scanview and 3D Viewer)
    Aperture angle
    Vertical7.5°, Over 4 scan layers
    Angular resolution0.25°
    Working range0.2 m ... 64 m
    Scanning range
    At 10% remission16 m
    At 90% remission30 m
    Amount of evaluated echoes3
    Scanning frequency50 Hz, 4 x 12.5 Hz
    Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +50 °C
    Weight1.2 kg
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product