2D LiDAR sensors

Programmable. Cost-effective. Compact. Versatile.

Your Benefits

  • Tailored solution thanks to programming in SICK AppSpace for different LiDAR applications
  • Configuration and programming of SensorApps which are run directly on the TiM-P
  • Suitable for mobile applications with reliable object detection regardless of the surface, even in strong ambient light
  • Improved behavior for edge hits thanks to HDDM+
  • Developer-to-developer support thanks to dynamic SICK AppSpace Community (SICK Support Portal, tutorials, trainings, etc.)
  • SICK AppPool enables worldwide availability of SensorApps
  • Risk-free thanks to free 90-day trial license


Programmable. Cost-effective. Compact. Versatile.

The TiM-P is a programmable 2D LiDAR sensor for various industrial tasks both in- and outdoors. Customers can either use existing apps for their specific application solutions or develop their own apps. Thanks to its compact design, the TiM-P is equally suitable for inconspicuous, stationary use for area monitoring and for mobile applications, e.g. for service robots. Thanks to the SICK AppSpace development environment as well as the SICK Interface & Algorithm API and HALCON image processing library, the integrated application software is extremely flexible.

At a glance
  • Wide working range: 0.05 m up to maximum 25 m at 270° aperture angle
  • Low power consumption (typically: 4 W)
  • High flexibility for a wide range of applications
  • “Welcome app” as a starting point for programming your own apps
  • Simple scripting with Lua and code examples in GitLab and GitHub