Safe material flow: seamless safety with automated material transport

Highly automated production plants are characterized by a continuous material flow between individual manufacturing processes. Intelligent safety solutions are a key factor here. By differentiating between humans and material, they secure access to machines and plants, thus protecting personnel and at the same time ensuring smooth material transport.

Choosing the right safety solution is crucial for high productivity. That is why you should rely on SICK, an expert in functional safety. The comprehensive portfolio ranges from safety light curtains with muting function to clever, TÜV-certified safety systems and needs-based services. SICK can offer you customer-oriented solutions for the safe and efficient flow of materials in your systems.

Solutions from SICK for access protection for automated material flow

Safety light curtains: bridging with muting sensors.


C4000 Fusion

Safe Portal safety system: adaptive protective field evaluation of safety laser scanners with contour detection.

Safe Portal

Multiple light beam safety devices: muting with muting sensors.


M4000 Advanced

Safeguard Detector safety system: the material as a natural barrier to hazardous areas.

Safeguard Detector

Safe Entry Exit safety system: muting with process signals instead of muting sensors.

Safe Entry Exit


Safe control solutions for applications with safe human-material differentiation.

Safe control solutions

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