Easy and quick sensor alignment using BluePilot

Thanks to the innovative LED display, BluePilot enables product families W16 and W26 to align sensors and reflectors as well as senders and receivers within seconds. In the case of the photoelectric proximity sensors, a push-and-turn mechanism enables the sensor to be adjusted quickly and precisely, thereby eliminating the customary time-consuming fine adjustment using rotary controls.

BluePilot also reports any change in detection quality, e.g., due to contamination or vibrations, which ensures faults are detected in a timely manner, long before a production downtime occurs.



Retro-reflective and through-beam photoelectric sensors

The blue LED alignment aid speeds up the process of optimally aligning the sensors and reflectors as well as senders and receivers. Any changes in the operational safety due to contamination or vibrations can be recognized at a glance.



Photoelectric proximity sensor

The combination of teach-in button and potentiometer in one operating element enables intuitive fine-tuning in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the LED display generates an optical representation of the sensing range, providing an additional orientation aid.



Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor for detecting transparent objects

The appropriate detection mode for the object characteristics can be set by means of a rotary control. The LED display of the W16 and W26 indicates immediately what mode the sensor is in.



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