Scattered light dust measuring devices

Your Benefits

  • Accurate dust measurement – independently of gas velocity or particle charge
  • Convenient data transmission via Modbus® and analog output directly from the sensor
  • Versatile thanks to several configurable measuring ranges
  • Two calibration curves for switching with different dust sources
  • No external purge air unit required as it is integrated into the device (option)
  • High degree of flexibility due to different mounting options
  • Low level of expenditure and maintenance work thanks to self-monitoring

The exact device specifications and performance data of the product may deviate from the information provided here, and depend on the application in which the product is being used and the relevant customer specifications.
Note: The analysis devices listed below are completely configured and available with short delivery times. Furthermore, countless device configurations - even customer-specific configurations - can be delivered on request. Our regional sales organization will be glad to advise you on which device configuration is best for you.


The DUSTHUNTER SP30 is a measuring device which reliably detects very low to high dust content. The measurement is based on the forward scattering of light and is independent of the gas velocity and particle charge. The automated monitoring of the zero and reference point ensures a high level of accuracy.

Thanks to its compact design, the DUSTHUNTER SP30 is available as an independent measuring device but also with an integrated purge air unit and MCU control unit for additional functions as an option. The installation is carried out on one side of a duct, whereby several mounting options and probe lengths are available. The measuring device is highly versatile, e.g., for process optimization or intelligent filter diagnostics and monitoring.

At a glance
  • Independent measuring device – with or without MCU control unit
  • Automated monitoring of zero and reference point
  • Integrated purge air unit as an option
  • Installation on one side of a duct
  • Rugged and compact structure
  • No moving parts in the duct


Technical overview

  • DUSTHUNTER SP30 system

    DUSTHUNTER SP30 system

    Measured valuesScattered light intensity, dust concentration (after gravimetric comparison measurement)
    Measurement principlesScattered light forward
    Spectral range
    640 nm ... 660 nm
    Laser, protection class 2, power < 1 mW
    Measuring ranges
    Scattered light intensity0 ... 7.5 SI / 0 ... 3,000 SI
    Measuring ranges freely selectable; nine measuring ranges pre-configured (0 ... 7.5/15/45/75/150/225/375/1,000/3,000 SI)
    Response time (t90)
    0.1 s ... 600 s
    Freely adjustable via SOPAS ET software
    ± 2 %
    Of measuring range full scale
    ConformitiesTUEV type-examination
    Electrical safetyCE
    Test functions

    Automatic self-test (linearity, drift, aging)

    Manual linearity test with reference filter


    MCU control unit

    Integrated purge air unit

    External purge air unit

  • DHSP30 sender/receiver unit

    DHSP30 sender/receiver unit

    Process temperature
    –40 °C ... +220 °C
    Process pressure
    With intergrated purge air unit–50 hPa ... 10 hPa
    With external purge air unit–50 hPa ... 30 hPa
    With instrument air (provided by the customer)–50 hPa ... 100 hPa
    Process gas humidity
    Duct diameter
    Tri-clamp type, 1” thread design≥ 0.15 m
    Flange type≥ 0.25 m
    Ambient temperature
    –40 °C ... +60 °C
    Electrical safetyCE
    Enclosure rating
    Analog outputs1 output:
    0/4 ... 20 mA, 750 Ω
    Electrically isolated
    Digital outputs3 relay contacts:
    48 V, 1 A
    For status signals
    Digital inputs4 inputs:
    For external maintenance switch, automated operational check, linearity measurement, calibration curve switching, or filter monitoring
    Type of fieldbus integrationRTU RS-485
    Type of fieldbus integrationRS-485
    FunctionFor operation via a service adapter and SOPAS ET or via the MCU option
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    Dimensions may vary. For details, see the dimensional drawings.
    Nominal length 180 mm≤ 2.7 kg
    Nominal length 280 mm≤ 2.7 kg
    Nominal length 435 mm≤ 5 kg
    Nominal length 735 mm≤ 6.3 kg
    All weights without integrated purge air unit
    Power supply
    Voltage24 V DC
    VoltageSupply via MCU control unit or an external power supply
    Power consumptionWithout integrated purge air unit: ≤ 4 W
    With intergrated purge air unit: ≤ 30 W
  • MCU-N control unit (option)

    MCU-N control unit (option)

    DescriptionUnit to control the system components and to evaluate and output the data provided by them
    Ambient temperature
    –40 °C ... +60 °C
    Electrical safetyCE
    Enclosure rating
    Analog outputs1 output:
    0/2/4 ... 20 mA, 750 Ω
    Electrically isolated; two additional outputs if using I/O modules (option)
    Analog inputs2 inputs:
    0 ... 20 mA
    Not electrically isolated; two additional inputs if using I/O modules (option)
    Digital outputs5 relay contacts:
    48 V, 1 A
    Potential-free; for status signals
    Digital inputs4 potential-free contacts
    Modbus✔ , ✔
    Type of fieldbus integrationTCP (via optional interface module, only one module possible per MCU)
    RTU RS-485 (via optional interface module, only one module possible per MCU)
    Type of fieldbus integrationVia optional interface module (only one module possible per MCU)
    Type of fieldbus integrationVia optional interface module (only one module possible per MCU)
    FunctionConnection to SOPAS ET software
    LC display (option)
    Status LEDs: “Power,” “Failure,” and “Maintenance request”
    OperationVia LC-display (option) or software SOPAS ET
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    210 mm x 340 mm x 120 mm (for details see dimensional drawings)
    ≤ 3.7 kg
    Power supply
    Voltage90 V AC ... 250 V AC
    VoltageVersion with 24 V DC available as an option
    Frequency47 ... 63 Hz
    Power consumption≤ 15 VA

    Interface module(s)

    I/O module(s)

  • SLV4-2 purge air unit, 2BH1300, 3-ph

    SLV4-2 purge air unit, 2BH1300, 3-ph

    DescriptionUnit to provide dust-free air for flushing of optical surfaces
    Gas flow rate
    38 m³/h ... 63 m³/h
    At 30 hPa counter pressure, depending on low pressure inside the filter
    Ambient temperature
    –40 °C ... +55 °C
    Electrical safetyCE
    Enclosure rating
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    550 mm x 550 mm x 257 mm (for details see dimensional drawings)
    18 kg
    Power supply
    Three-phase currentΔ: 200 ... 240 V AC, 50 Hz, 2,6 A, 400 VA
    Y: 345 ... 415 V AC, 50 Hz, 1,5 A, 400 VA
    Δ: 200 ... 275 V AC, 60 Hz, 2,6 A, 500 VA
    Y: 380 ... 480 V AC, 60 Hz, 1,5 A, 500 VA
    Δ: 270 ... 330 V AC, 50 Hz, 2,0 A, 400 VA
    Y: 465 ... 570 V AC, 50 Hz, 1,16 A, 400 VA
    Δ: 290 ... 360 V AC, 60 Hz, 2,1 A, 500 VA
    Y: 500 ... 600 V AC, 60 Hz, 1,26 A, 500 VA
    Δ: 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 2,7 A, 370 VA
    Δ: 115 V AC, 60 Hz, 3,0 A, 450 VA
    Δ: 220 ... 270 V AC, 50 Hz, 2,5 A, 400 VA
    Y: 380 ... 465 V AC, 50 Hz, 1,45 A, 400 VA
    Δ: 240 ... 290 V AC, 60 Hz, 2,6 A, 500 VA
    Y: 415 ... 500 V AC, 60 Hz, 1,55 A, 500 VA
    Auxiliary gas connections
    Purge air40 mm
    Test functionsPressure switch (switching point –35 hPa)
    Integrated components2-step air filter, type Europiclon, dust capacity 200 g
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product