Verification and Optimization

Creating MID conformity for billable systems

Your Benefits

  • Certification of the systems for billing purposes according to MID
  • Responsibility for MID conformity taken by SICK
  • MID-compliant initial verification without presence of weights and measures authority
  • Preparation for reverification of multidimensional measuring systems in Germany: Thanks to the repairer authorization, repairs, updates and preparations for regular re-verification of measuring systems that have already been placed on the market and secured can be carried out without the presence of the weights and measures authority
  • Re-verification of FLOWSIC500 gas flow meters thanks to state recognition of SICK as a testing body for gas


Creating MID conformity for billable systems

In order to be able to operate a measuring system for billing purposes, system operators in countries subject to the scope of the MID [2014/32 / EU] require an EU declaration of conformity. It certifies to the system operator that his new or refurbished measuring system is compliant with the legal requirements. All billable measuring systems from SICK are certified, among other things, according to the relevant MID modules B (EC type examination) and D (Quality assurance of the production process) by the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB). Depending on the system type, SICK offers initial verifications, repairs or re-verifications.

At a glance
  • Inspection of system for conformity according to the relevant EU-type examination certificate
  • Metrological tests carried out
  • System protected against manipulation by attaching the prescribed labels and securing elements
  • Testing documentation produced and handover of compliance documents


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