Verification and Optimization
Stop time measurement

Your Benefits

  • Guaranteed measurement quality using calibrated measuring instruments
  • Generation of a report with measurement results for the machine documentation
  • Hazardous risks caused by non-compliance with the required safety distances can be determined
  • High testing quality through certification and periodic inspections in accordance with IEC 17020 is carried out by independent bodies and with on-going competency management


Whether a protective device provides sufficient protection against the dangerous movement is determined primarily by the safety distance selected. It must be ensured that the movement comes to a stop before the hazardous point is reached – for the entire service life of the machine. SICK's stop time measurement identifies the machine stopping time. This information provides the basis for specifying the safety distances. Stop time measurement is able to detect changes as a result of brake wear, for example, at an early stage, so that appropriate action can then be taken. Consistent and high test quality can be achieved if measuring instruments are checked at regular intervals.

At a glance
  • Performance of stop time measurement
  • Calculation of the required safety distance between the hazardous point and the non-physical guard according to EN ISO 13855
  • Generation of a report with the measurement results


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