Consulting and design
Plant walk-through

Your Benefits

  • Independent experts assess the primary safety aspects and recommend measures to be taken
  • Provides a basis for the development of safety strategies
  • Can be used by safety representatives or other officials as a basis of proof presented to management or health and safety authorities
  • High level of quality thanks to standardized processes and sustainable competency management


The modification or linking of machines can result in new hazards in production systems. Therefore, operators often need to take additional action in order to meet essential safety and health protection requirements. As an independent expert, SICK provides support for the evaluation of current system conformity status. The evaluation results, which confirm that safety has been ensured, provide a line of reasoning to management or authorities. Alternatively, the results can be used to develop safety strategies. The plant walk-through from SICK provides an overview of the current safety status – quickly and objectively.

At a glance
  • Analysis of the system's current conformity status
  • Thorough check for the necessity of a new EC declaration of conformity
  • Identification of safety gaps with recommendations for reducing risk


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