Safety Solution Assistant

This assistant will lead you via a technical protective measure to a product suggestion consisting of sensors and control devices to solve your safety task.

Step 1: Identify your technical protective measure.
Step 2: Choose the special safety task.
Step 3: Choose the technology.
Step 4: Select the products.


Step 1: Identify technical protective measures ...







Opto-electronic protection


  • Continuous interactions of a person with the machine
  • Unhindered, automatic material transport into/out of the machine is possible.
  • Optical approach detection of persons is possible and wanted
  • Hazardous point protection, access protection and hazardous area protection
  • Operator reaches directly into the machine
  • Also for mobile application (AGV)




Interlocking/locking of physical guards 


  • Electrical interlocking of physical guards with and without locking 
  • Prevent the operator from accessing the hazardous area directly
  • Protection against potential serious hazards



Safe position monitoring of machine parameters


  • Machine parameters are monitored during operation
  • Also suitable for mobile applications (safe position
    monitoring for steering axes and swivel arms, e.g., to control monitoring fields of safety laser scanners on automated guided vehicles for speed shifting). 





Safety commands


  • Emergency stop as a supplement to other protective devices and/or safety measures
  • Dangerous movements should be stopped safely by manual operation
  • Critical machine functions should be put into operation safely by manual mean

... and safe control solutions or rather Motion Control ...









 Safe control and communication


  • Linking and evaluating a variety of input signals of the safety functions to produce output signals.
  • Integration into the system environment.


Motion Control

  • Monitoring of motor standstill, speed, and/or moving direction


... in your system environment.