Array sensors

Line-for-line further ahead – array sensors

Array sensors operate on the proximity scanning principle. They detect even the smallest edges based on differences in grayscale values within the field-of-view. Positioning of, for example, a paper web based on the web edge or a contrast line is only one of many possible applications. Widths, diameters, and gaps can also be detected. In reflector mode, the array sensors can even detect transparent materials.

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Product family Ax20
Ax20 array sensors for edge and diameter detection solutions
  • Proximity contrast line sensor in a compact housing
  • Application-specific sensor functions
  • Detect position of edge of material
  • Diameter, width and gap detection of different objects
  • Very high reproducibility of 0.03 mm
  • Large measurement range: 30 mm
  • Visible white LED light spot to enable accurate alignment
  • Simple setup, no teach-in necessary