Double layer detection of solar wafers in wafer production

Wafers are light and thin, and stick easily, especially during the cleaning process. Stuck wafers must be detected quickly, as they will likely break and damage others. SICK’s WLL180T fiber-optic sensor coupled with wide bandwidth fibers (LL3), use a 1450 nm infrared beam to penetrate the wafer, instantly detecting stacked wafers.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Selectable response time up to 16 µs
    • Sensing range up to 20 m (through-beam system); up to 1,400 mm (proximity system)
    • Bus-compatible with anti-interference
    • 2 x 4-digit digital display
    • Adjustable hysteresis
    • Rotatable display screen
    • High-resolution signal processing
    • Programmable time delays
    • Very large selection of plastic and glass fiber-optic cables.
    • Fiber-optic cables resistant to chemicals and high temperature
    • Threaded and smooth sleeves, bands of light (array), 90° reflection versions available
    • Focused optics
    • Proximity and through-beam versions available
    • Plastic , protective metal or Teflon sheathing available