Inspection of the silicon block

In the challenge to maximize wafer yields, 3D data is essential in the decision process. The IVC-3D camera integrates advanced image processing software on-board. Now, surface defect evaluation on low contrast ingots can be successfully automated, and accurate dimensioning can be gathered by the same device.


Quality inspection


Preparing silicon ingots for the wafering process involves many production steps. The ingots have to be cropped, grinded and glued to a glass substrate. SICK 3D cameras can control the quality of each of these critical steps for superior yield.

After the ingot is cut into bricks, the camera can detect cutting defects and checks for micro-crystals. The camera can also control that the bricks are correctly assembled on the glass prior to wafering.

SICK 3D cameras combine the laser triangulation principle for precise dimension measurement and gray scale image for surface inspection. Unlike traditional mechanical or laser measurement techniques which measure single points, the camera produces a complete profile of the ingot.

At the heart of SICK 3D cameras is a special chip that combines a high-resolution imager with embedded signal processors. The result is unsurpassed performance and speed at the service.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved production yield
  • Reduced material waste

  • Following product families can be used
    • Easy 3D measurement – provides information about object height, shape and volume
    • Independent of object contrast and color
    • Easy-to-use graphical user interface for fast application development
    • Simple connection of PLCs, robots, and other control systems, e.g., those using Ethernet/IP or OPC
    • Scans up to 5,000 profiles per second
    • Industrial, rugged metal housing