PSDI function in presses: the simple, safe way to increase productivity

Thanks to the PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) function in the Flexi Soft safety controller, it is possible to control the press cycle in manual insertion presses using a safety light curtain in PSDI mode. As soon as the worker removes his or her hand from the hazardous point, the press automatically restarts. Not only does this remove the need for two-hand control devices, it also offer clear benefits when it comes to providing workers with ergonomic, safe workstations – and ensures that more of the machine capacity is utilized.

The areas of application are diverse

  • Continuous machine loading and unloading processes by the worker
  • Metal forming processes (stamping, punching, bending, folding), parts assembly, welding, gluing, cutting
  • Large-scale production such as in the automotive and electronics industries
  • Press applications with up to 400 t press force

Our solutions for your PSDI application