Incremental encoders

Encoders with versatile configuration for machine axes applications

Your Benefits

  • Quickly commission the encoder using the built-in DIP switches. No additional programming tool or laptop required
  • Status and signal LEDs quickly indicate whether the encoder is properly connected, functional, or needs to be replaced
  • Universal power supply and a rotatable connector reduce the number of variants required and provide increased installation flexibility
  • Anti-dither functionality maintains a high level of productivity also in high vibration applications
  • Compatible with existing and low-cost input cards with output types like Clockwise/Counterclockwise and Signal/Direction


Encoders with versatile configuration for machine axes applications

The DUS60 is a rotary incremental encoder with built-in DIP switch configuration for the resolution, output voltage, and counting direction. The DUS60 configuration switches reduce the number of variants, enable easy replacement and quick commissioning, and increases the likelihood that spare parts will be in stock – all without any additional programming tools. The on-board status and signal LEDs and optional fault output quickly indicate the functionality of the encoder, minimizing time required for both installation and troubleshooting. The DUS60 offers solid shaft and hollow bore mounting with rotating connectors or universal cables for quick and flexible mechanical installation. With resolutions up to 2,400 pulses, the DUS60 is ideal for factory and logistics automation applications.

At a glance
  • Solid shaft or hollow bore incremental encoder
  • DIP switches for configuring resolution, signal output,
  • And counting direction
  • Universal 4.5 V ... 30 V supply
  • LEDs that indicate encoder status and output signal
  • Rotatable M12 male connector, 4-pin or 8-pin, or universal cable outlet
  • Optional fault output directly from encoder


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Pulses per revolution1 … 2,400 1)
    Mechanical design

    Solid shaft, face mount flange

    Blind hollow shaft

    Through hollow shaft, Front clamp

    Through hollow shaft, rear clamping

    Shaft diameter

    6 mm

    10 mm



    8 mm



    12 mm

    15 mm

    14 mm

    Connection type

    Male connector, M12, 8-pin, universal

    Male connector, M12, 4-pin, universal

    Cable, 8-wire, universal

    Communication interfaceIncremental
    Communication Interface detailTTL / HTL
    Supply voltage4.75 ... 30 V
    Enclosure ratingIP65
    Output frequency+ 60 kHz
    Operating temperature range–30 °C ... +90 °C
    • 1) Available pulses per revolution see type code.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product