SICK Compliance Image
SICK Compliance Image

The success of SICK is based on the trust of our customers, suppliers, employees, and the public. The observance of statutory provisions and the company’s own internal guidelines is key to maintaining this trust, the stability of the company, and for further growth. 

The SICK Compliance Management System aims to ensure compliance with these requirements and consists of fundamental principles and measures to ensure legally compliant behavior within the company.
  • Compliance Organization at SICK

    The SICK Compliance Organization ensures compliance with statutory provisions and the company’s own internal guidelines. It is available to provide support and advice to all areas of the SICK Group. Our local compliance officers also ensure that statutory provisions and the company’s own internal guidelines are observed and support managers of SICK Group companies in implementing compliance.

  • SICK company policy

    The company policy of SICK is based on clear values and convictions that are actively put into practice by our Executive Board and our employees. The overriding goal is to comprehensively meet the needs and expectations of our customers as well as other stakeholders.

  • SICK code of conduct

    The goal of the SICK Compliance Management System is to promote compliance with statutory provisions and the company’s own internal guidelines as well as to prevent misconduct. 

    The foundation for this is the SICK code of conduct
    The SICK code of conduct sets standards for business deals and applies to all SICK employees. It is the universally valid guide for correct behavior in everyday working life.
  • SICK supplier code of conduct

    In addition to the SICK code of conduct, SICK also aims to promote its principles of conduct along the entire value chain. To ensure this, SICK expects that its suppliers will also comply with minimum standards and work towards fulfilling them throughout the supply chain. 

    The foundation for this is the SICK supplier code of conduct.
  • SICK Integrity Line (reporting system)

    Using the SICK Integrity Line, you can quickly, easily and at any time report concerns about misconduct that can affect our company or a SICK Group company or the wellbeing of SICK employees and third parties. There is also the opportunity to ask questions about compliance issues within the framework of a report.

    Employees, business partners, customers or other third parties have the option of submitting reports at any time using the following reporting channels in the event of specific indications of compliance violations: 
    Integrity Line Icon

    SICK Integrity Line:

    It is possible to contact the SICK Compliance Team using the “SICK Integrity Line” web-based platform. This communication is confidential and protected. The report contents are processed by the SICK Compliance Team. 
    Whistleblowers can submit their reports with their name or anonymously. 

    Reports can be submitted on the following web pages: 

    SICK AG and its Group companies:         Integrity Line of SICK AG
    SICK Vertriebs-GmbH:                   Integrity Line of  SICK Vertriebs-GmbH
    SICK Engineering GmbH:                                  Integrity Line of SICK Engineering GmbH
    SICK Kft.:                          Integrity Line of SICK Kft.
    SICK AB:                                                                Integrity Line of SICK AB
    SICK IVP AB:                                                         Integrity Line of SICK IVP AB
    SICK S.p.A.:                                                           Integrity Line of SICK S.p.A.
    SICK NV/SA:                                                          Integrity Line of SICK NV/SA 
    SICK B.V.:                                                               Integrity Line of SICK B.V.
    In the USA and Canada, confidential and protected reports can also be submitted to the SICK Integrity Line by telephone. The following country-specific telephone numbers can be used for this purpose:
    Canada: +1 866 204 1940 - Please enter the following identification code: 11477
    USA: +1 833 211 3671 - Please enter the following identification code: 11477
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    You can also reach the SICK Compliance Team at the following e-mail address:
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    Reports can also be made using the following telephone number: +49 (0)7681-202-3276
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    Mail / Personal

    The mailing address for submitting reports is:

    Compliance / LGC
    Erwin-Sick-Str. 1
    79183 Waldkirch


    For a personal appointment, please contact us in advance by phone at +49 (0)7681-202-3276.