Sustainability at SICK

An intact environment is the foundation and goal of our sustainable commitment

Protecting the environment and people, securing stable jobs through long-term economic success, and making a contribution to society: This has been the SICK sustainability philosophy since the company was founded in 1946. As a family-owned company, sustainability has a long tradition with us. It is a matter of course and an integral part of the corporate philosophy at the same time.

Climate change and resource scarcity demand committed action from all social actors. SICK takes its corporate responsibility seriously and supports long-term environmental protection with its sustainability strategy.

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Sustainable development is not possible without an intact environment. For this reason, we integrate ecology into all key processes and business areas that impact sustainability. SICK is thus committed to so-called "ecological sustainability." This drives our dedication to employees, society and sustainable economic success so we can work together on and in a future worth living.

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Company founder Dr. Erwin Sick developed a device for flue gas monitoring as early as 1956 – long before the environmental movement. The emission monitoring solution was intended to help protect our health and the environment from damage caused by emissions. His pioneering spirit in environmental measurement technology continues to shape our commitment to the environment and human well-being.

Dr. Erwin Sick, Company founder

“Climate change and resource scarcity demand committed action. Together with partners from science and industry, we are constantly developing solutions for a clean, sustainable future. Reducing emissions with renewable energies at our sites and minimizing CO2 emissions in the supply chain play a key role here. Technology for good: We are committed to overcoming the challenge of holistic sustainability.”

Nicole Kurek, member of the Executive Board, People & Culture, of SICK AG

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You need sustainable action to achieve economic success. SICK is committed to ecological sustainability, thus reacting to the increasingly pressing issues of environmental and climate protection as well as resource scarcity. Our sustainability strategy is in line with the relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and places ecology at the center of all our efforts.

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SICK makes a significant contribution to promoting research and developing state-of-the-art technology through its close cooperation with universities, technical colleges, and institutes. SICK also creates jobs outside the company. Supplier companies are involved in development, procurement and service processes from the outset. This loyalty to its suppliers is just one of the factors that makes SICK a reliable partner to companies all over the world.

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Company founder Dr. Erwin Sick was a pioneer in environmental measurement technology all the way back in the 1950s. Using intelligent sensor technology to benefit health and the environment has always been deeply rooted in the company. Sustainability drives innovation. And our product innovations help customers worldwide achieve their sustainability goals.

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Our responsibility to be a reliable employer is something we take very seriously. After all, this is something that specialists and managers are only too aware of when deciding where to work in the current climate. For this reason, human resources work has a high priority at SICK. This is how we secure SICK expertise for the future.

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