A masterpiece based on an original design - deTec4 Prime safety light curtain

Oct 5, 2015

Waldkirch, October 2015 – Now with the new deTec4 Core and deTec2 Core safety light curtains, the protection of hazardous points and access points is easier than ever. The newest member of the deTec4 Prime family adds additional features and functionality.


The new deTec4 Prime safety light curtain builds upon the successful concept of the deTec4 Core. At the same time, it combines the features of existing light curtain variants in one device and adds even newer functionalities. And all of this in the compact, space-saving design of the Core version. 


The deTec4 safety light curtains are electro-sensitive protective devices that comply with performance level “e” in accordance with EN ISO 13849 and SIL3 in accordance with IEC 61508. 


Graduated protective field heights 


Graduated in 150 millimeter increments, the deTec safety light curtains can implement 13 different protective field heights from 300 to 2100 mm. The deTec product family offers the right solution for every application. The deTec4 stands out as an all-around solution. Last but not least, due to its flexible connection concept, it covers almost all standard applications. 


More performance with less wires and intelligent standardization


When machines are placed close together optical interference can be reduced with DIP switches to change the beam coding. Cascading options of up to three systems for presence detection reduces the amount of wiring and the number of safety inputs in the control cabinet. The local reset function also saves the amount of wiring and programming in the control system. A T-connector with only one wire to the control cabinet, and status display on S / E, reduces costs and minimizes machine downtime. There are four system plugs available for the configuration of desired functions of the deTec4 Prime. Configuration is done without software. This simplifies storage and reduces costs.


Fast commissioning through visualization via integrated laser and alignment display


In addition, all deTec4 safety light curtains save commissioning time and costs thanks to their integrated LEDs and diagnostic functions. The range is automatically adjusted during commissioning by the deTec4. Its integrated alignment display with 4 LEDs ensures faster and more reliable positioning of the transmitter and receiver, as well as automatic calibration of the range up to 24 m at 30 mm resolution.


Rugged and reliable with IP 67 enclosure rating and ambient operating temperature to -30 °C 


IP 65 and IP 67 enclosure ratings and an operating temperature range of –30 °C to +55 °C allow the use of new safety light curtains even in challenging environments. Metal and plastic components are combined in the impact resistant housing so that deTec safety light curtains resist the hardest requirements with no problem. Shock resistant and with extremely rugged front windows it ensures reliable function even under extreme conditions.


Simple assembly with innovative mounting and no blind zones 


With the innovative Flexfix innovative mounting brakcets, all deTec safety light curtains are mounted in minutes on a variety of machine types. The mounted light curtains can be turned before the final fixturing in the Flexfix brackets and thus ensure a continuous protective field up to the end of the housing.


Whether in the automotive, automotive parts supplier, packing industries or in machine and plant construction, the sustainability of functional safety technology is shown in two important points: fast commissioning and significantly faster system effectiveness and continuous production, and thus higher system efficiency. The concept of the new deTec4 Prime safety light curtain with its formative capability has this already in sight.


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Image: detec4 Prime -  deTec4 Prime builds upon the successful concept of the safety light curtains.