3D LiDAR sensors for counting people at doorways

MRS1000A PeopleCounter 3D LiDAR sensors with integrated PeopleCounter SensorApp count people entering or leaving buildings without taking pictures or collecting personal information. Not only can hygiene measures be observed, but data protection guidelines can be followed as well. While one sensor may be sufficient for small stores with only one door, the combination of several sensors allows for people counting even in larger buildings with several entrances and exits. These include, for example, shopping centers, airports or exhibition halls. The MRS1000A PeopleCounter stores the respective number of people and evaluates the corresponding data directly on the device. Based on the current number of people in a room, the maximum room utilization can then be checked and indicated via a traffic light system or on a display. The sensor stores the number of persons as statistics for the last 30 days, which allows building operators to view the room utilization throughout a day, even at a later date.

  • Following product families can be used
    Anonymous and reliable people counting
    • Exact measurement data output via telegrams and digital outputs
    • Intuitive user interface for representation and configuration of the application
    • Large aperture angle and four layers of the MRS1000
    • Shoulder-head-shoulder contour detection
    • Pre-programmed, application-specific app based on a 3D LiDAR sensor