Incremental encoders
DFS60S Pro

Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety

Your Benefits

  • Certified safety solution that ensures the best possible protection for persons, machinery, and systems
  • Easy and practical implementation of safety functions with complex solutions using an all-in-one solution, safety functions with the Flexi Soft FX3-MOC motion control modules from SICK: safe stop 1 (SS1), safe stop 2 (SS2), safe operating stop (SOS), safe speed monitoring (SSM), safely limited speed (SLS), safe direction (SDI), safe brake control (SBC)
  • Positive and non-positive connections for mechanical reliability
  • Certified safety products reduce the scope of safety engineering
  • Versatile connection options for high levels of flexibility and straightforward implementation
  • Compact size for compatibility with applications in which installation space is limited


Safe, easy, flexible: Encoders for functional safety

Safe electrical and mechanical design, easy system implementation and flexible application possibilities. The DFS60S Pro is an incremental encoder for functional safety. It supports safety functions conforming to IEC 61800-5-2. The high enclosure rating, wide temperature range and generous ball bearing clearance are the key to enhanced durability. They make the DFS60S Pro the universal motion control sensor for stationary and mobile safety applications.

At a glance
  • Encoders for functional safety technology: SIL2 (IEC 61508), SILCL2 (EN 62061), PL d (EN ISO 13849)
  • Electrical interface: 4.5 V ... 32 V; sine/cosine 1 VPP; 1,024 periods
  • Face mount flange or servo flange, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft (assembly options with feather key)
  • Universal cable connection, M23 or M12 male connector, axial or radial
  • Enclosure rating: IP65
  • Operating temperature range: –30°C ... +95°C (depending on type)


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Mechanical safety and reliability are particularly important for safe encoders. The DFS60S Pro encoder fulfills the strictest test criteria and is a safety product certified up to SIL 2 or PL d. The DFS60S Pro supports the safety functions defined in IEC 61800-5-2 and guarantees first-class quality and absolute precision – in every detail. It boasts a precise optical scanning system and a high mechanical load capability.


Mechanical reliability - thanks to safety clamping ring with positive and non-positive connections

Successfully tested by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA)

Mechanical reliability - solid shaft flattened or with feather key groove

Its electronic and mechanical design ensures certified safety levels, every time.


Implementation is easy because with the DFS60S Pro, safety functions for stationary and mobile safety applications can be made available in next to no time. The significantly reduces time and costs for implementation. Particularly when the encoder is combined with safety products from SICK (optional). This is very easy to set up using the plug and play principle and gives you the benefit of coordinated safety products. It's the ideal solution for ensuring the safety of people, machines, and systems.

Easy and practical handling of safety functions

Safe Motion Control complete solution from SICK

Easy safety engineering up to SIL2

Safety figures can be made available easily with SISTEMA, VDMA library for functional safety

Thanks to the safety encoder, its uncomplicated system implementation and easy approval process, the safety encoder can save you money.


Flexible use: With the DFS60S Pro and the Drive Monitor FX3-MOC, SICK is offering complete solutions for challenging safety tasks. The Flexi Soft modules can be combined in a number of different ways, making it possible to perform a wide range of functions to ensure safe drive monitoring. The DFS60S Pro is very easy to install and offers numerous mechanical and electrical facilities for connection for different mounting situations.

Flexible in use

Countless facilities for connection for different mounting situations

The right thing for any application - the Flexi Soft safety controller offer flexible combinations

Flexible application: Large temperature range, high enclosure rating and low installation depth

The safety encoder can be integrated into different control worlds and offers different mounting options.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety integrity levelSIL2 (IEC 61508), SILCL2 (IEC 62061) 1)
    Performance levelPL d (EN ISO 13849) 1)
    Category3 (EN ISO 13849)
    Pulses per revolution< 2,500
    Sine/cosine periods per revolution1,024
    Mechanical design

    Solid shaft, Servo flange

    Solid shaft, face mount flange

    Blind hollow shaft

    Through hollow shaft

    Shaft diameter

    6 mm, With face

    6 mm, with feather key

    10 mm, With face

    10 mm, with feather key

    8 mm, with feather key

    1/2″, with feather key

    15 mm, with feather key

    12 mm, with feather key

    14 mm, with feather key

    5/8″, with feather key

    3/8″, with feather key

    15 mm, with feather key groove

    6 mm, with feather key groove

    10 mm, with feather key groove

    12 mm, with feather key groove

    14 mm, with feather key groove

    8 mm, with feather key groove

    5/8″, with feather key groove

    3/8″, with feather key groove

    1/2″, with feather key groove

    Connection type

    Male connector, M23, 12-pin, radial

    Male connector, M23, 12-pin, axial

    Male connector, M12, 8-pin, radial

    Male connector, M12, 8-pin, axial

    Cable, 8-wire, universal

    Communication interfaceIncremental
    Communication Interface detailSin/Cos
    Supply voltage4.5 ... 32 V
    Enclosure ratingIP65
    Output frequency≤ 153.6 kHz
    Operating temperature range
    4.5 V ... 32 V, Sin/Cos–30 °C ... +95 °C 2)
    –30 °C ... +85 °C 2)
    • 1) For more detailed information on the exact configuration of your machine/unit, please consult your relevant SICK branch office.
    • 2) Allow for self-heating of approx. 3.0 K per 1,000 rpm regarding the permissible operating temperature.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product