The way to service plants today: Efficient expert support through web-based remote maintenance with SICK Remote Services

May 29, 2013

Safe and fast Internet connections, tamper-proof authentication methods, as well as intelligent sensors and controllers are the foundation of SICK Remote Services - the new service range offered for individual online servicing of sensors and plants.
SICK Remote Services SICK LifeTime Services

Fast, qualified, and comprehensive expert support instead of travel costs, set-up effort, and delays - starting out with this basic idea for minimizing commissioning and maintenance costs, SICK Remote Services took shape. They are available equally for customers of factory, logistics, and process automation, integrating aspects of plant maintenance into the environment of up-to-date and future-proof communication technologies.


Service elements and service packages for all areas of use

With Remote Services, SICK provides online expert support for commissioning and subsequent operation of sensors and plants. The areas of use include commissioning and operational support, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, as well as consistent plant documentation. Corresponding to the varying requirements of customers, SICK Remote Services are available in three graduated and individually extendable scopes of service.  

SICK Remote Services

The Core package provides comprehensive basic service for support required occasionally. This includes, among other things, a flat rate for remote diagnosis by experts at the Remote Service Center during daily core hours. The Prime scope of additional services includes, for example, plant-specific online document management as well as the heartbeat function, which guarantees remote accessibility of the plant at any time. Maximum remote service is supplied by the Pro scope of services, including, among others, supported commissioning, expert access to plants and devices, a large variety of options for backups and file sharing, as well as added services that can be integrated individually.   No matter which package the customer favors: In close coordination with the customers IT department, SICK takes on the entire set-up service from installing, for example, the SICK Meeting Point Router (MPR) in the plant to establishing safe data connections and all the way to instructing the operating and maintenance personnel.  


Plant access by Internet secured in multiple ways


The service package of SICK Remote Services is based on the web platform of the same name. The fast and highly available communication by Internet is designed for a maximum amount of safety while at the same time making only minimal demands on the customers firewall. As a general rule, the customer is the party required to request remote services by way of the Meeting Point Router (MPR) in his or her plant. The MPR is the connection node between all sensors and plants included in the remote service. By clicking on the touch screen of the MPR, the user requests the remote maintenance. After completed service, the MPR ensures secure disconnection of the networks without any feedback. The Internet-based remote maintenance connection to SICKs Remote Service Center is established exclusively by the customer, and it takes place exclusively by means of strongly encrypted data channels utilizing HTTPS and SSH authentication standards. Server certificates in conjunction with customer-specific browser certificates as well as digital certificates in accordance with the X.509 standard provide for secure encryption of HTTPS connections. SSH connections use for authentication dynamic one-time keys (one-time pads) valid for a limited period. In both cases, the maximum amount of data security is guaranteed for the duration of the remote maintenance connection.  


SICK Remote Services guarantee highest level of availability along with minimum expense

SICK Remote Services

Prompt and qualified help by experts available in short order for the highest possible plant availability along with minimized maintenance and downtime costs - SICK Remote Services deliver all of this simultaneously. The scope is based on potential local restrictions to the rights of use and availability. Depending on the package selected, reactive and proactive support measures assist with anticipatory, preventive servicing. This improves the reaction and resolution period in case of malfunctions - doing so without risk, since the web-based communication platform from SICK is safe and highly available. Moreover, it is easy to integrate into the customers IT or LAN infrastructure, respectively. A mobile option, which meets the 3G mobile standard, even provides for remote access independent of location.   SICK Remote Services are the up-to-date, future-proof, and economical strategy for continuous servicing of machinery and plants.   Info: No guarantee of worldwide distribution of SICK Remote Services due to local restrictions to the right of use and limits to service availability


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