Profiling systems

Prevent vehicle fires where they are at their most dangerous

Your Benefits

  • Preventing fires, accidents, and traffic jams due to the detection of overheated vehicle parts
  • Improved safety for traffic in critical road sections
  • Short inspection time thanks to accurate localization of hot spots on the graphical user interface
  • Easy integration into local traffic system
  • No work required on the road surface
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs thanks to proven laser scanner technology


Prevent vehicle fires where they are at their most dangerous

The VHD (Vehicle Hot Spot Detector) profiling system combines thermal imaging cameras and 2D LiDAR sensors to detect overheated vehicles. This makes it possible to stop vehicles before they enter critical road sections such as tunnels or ferry/train boarding areas. The VHD system measures the temperature and dimension of each vehicle, determines the vehicle class, and generates a 3D model. This allows individual vehicle parts, such as the wheels, exhaust pipe or cargo hold, to be automatically identified based on individual thresholds. The system operates under free-flow traffic conditions at highway speeds around the clock (24/7).

At a glance
  • Fully automated measurement of overheated vehicles under free-flow traffic conditions
  • Individual alarm thresholds for different vehicle parts
  • 3D visualization of vehicle hot spots
  • Upgradable with e.g. detection of hazardous goods plates or overheight
  • Communication via TCP/IP interface
  • Reliable operation in all weather conditions