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SICK Augmented Reality Assistant

Your Benefits

  • Increased productivity through fast troubleshooting using mobile end devices
  • Visualization of sensor data directly at the place of use
  • Reduction of maintenance work through effortless display of data in the real environment
  • Subsequent, easy integration into existing solutions


The SICK Augmented Reality Assistant (SARA) enables visualization of sensor data directly where the sensor is used. The SARA app brings together recorded sensor data and the real environment on the screen of the mobile end device. Data visualization speeds up troubleshooting and facilitates commissioning, for example by displaying warning fields and sites of object detection.

At a glance
  • Augmented reality-supported troubleshooting and data visualization
  • Intuitive app for mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Application-specific range of functions thanks to different packages
  • User-specific display customization possible in the SARA app
  • Quick display of relevant data by scanning the marker

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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

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    LanguageGerman, English
    Supported end devicesIOS (version 14 or higher), iPadOS (version 14 or higher), Android (version 9.0 or higher)
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