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SICK Analytics Software Assurance

Predictability in your Analytics software investment

Your Benefits

  • Ability to budget and manage the Analytics software spend from year to year at a lower cost and with added benefits
  • Avoid surprises and possible disruptions from underlying IT hardware and software updates by keeping the Analytics software up-to-date
  • Enable IT to better support the software as technology evolves – modern/latest software are better able to support and leverage new features in the firewall, OS, database, etc.
  • Manage end user expectations and satisfaction by having the latest software experience
  • Minimize time to resolution and downtime
  • Improve Total Cost of Ownership


Predictability in your Analytics software investment

SICK Analytics Software Assurance for the Analytics solution portfolio offers customers the means to have a predictable annual budget for keeping their Analytics software up-to-date and for accessing the priority support channel with SICK. The plan enables customers to access the latest feature-for-feature software version and updates at a constant budgeted annual cost without the need to scramble for large capital funding for the full price of the next generation of the software or plan for a longer upgrade/migration from an older version of the software. The plan is priced as a percentage of the software price and is billed annually.

At a glance
  • Annual software charge as a percentage of the purchase price for all feature-for-feature enhancements
  • Add-on features and new licenses can be added to the plan after the initial purchase
  • Priority support channel
  • Priority enhancement request channel
  • Where available, leverage discounted training and commissioning

Supported Products



Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    DescriptionSoftware service contract for managing software upgrades and support
    Supported products

    Package Analytics

    Baggage Analytics

    Tire Analytics

    Logistics Diagnostic Analytics

    Safety Machine Analytics

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product