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Filling level monitoring

Efficient material replenishment thanks to early notification on mobile devices

Your Benefits

  • Cost savings thanks to efficient material supply
  • Increased total machine uptime due to early material replenishment
  • Relief of machine staff through automatic level monitoring
  • Transparent level monitoring at all times thanks to cloud-based dashboard
  • More efficient planning of operational work steps thanks to transparent level monitoring


Efficient material replenishment thanks to early notification on mobile devices

The Filling Level Monitoring Digital Solution for Integration sends notifications to mobile devices as soon as levels fall below limit values. Notification is automatic and is accompanied by an acoustic signal and vibration. This ensures that material is refilled on time and downtime is avoided. Machine staff no longer has to check fill levels manually, making production processes more efficient. Thanks to this technology, work interruptions are also a thing of the past. The cloud-based dashboard provides an overview of all levels at all times.

At a glance
  • Would you like your levels to be monitored automatically?
  • Would you like to avoid machine downtime due to a lack of material supply?
  • Would you like to make walking routes more efficient for your employees?
  • Would you like to improve your production processes?


The cloud-based dashboard keeps you informed of all levels at all times, maximizing the total operating time of your machines.

As a machine operator, you are automatically notified of critical levels, for example by a smartwatch.

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