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Product family ALIS
Rapid and reliable airport luggage identification – guaranteed.
  • 100% redundant design (optional)
  • Suitable for belt conveyors and container-type sorters
  • Very high read rates
  • Suitable for IATA bar codes and RFID tags
  • Focus on bags and code reading in real time
  • Tried-and-tested high-performance sensors
Product family IDM26x
2D-code identification in harsh environments
  • Identification of all standard 1D, stacked, and 2D codes
  • Reliable, secure, and fast code reading
  • Rugged, stable housing with IP 65 enclosure rating
  • Supports all common corded and cordless interfaces as well as industrial fieldbuses via SICK connectivity
  • Good read feedback via LED, beeper, and vibration
Product family RFID antennas
Reliable identification - in any situation
  • Read range up to 10 m for UHF antennas
  • Rugged design in accordance with enclosure rating IP67
  • Ambient temperature ranges from −40 °C to +70 °C
  • Integrated feedback LEDs
  • Circularly polarized UHF antennas
Product family HW191x
Reliable 2D code identification for challenging industrial applications
  • Identification of all standard 1D, stacked, and 2D codes
  • Reliable, secure, and fast code reading
  • Rugged housing with IP 65 enclosure rating
  • Supports all standard wired and wireless interfaces as well as industrial fieldbuses through SICK connectivity
  • Good read feedback via LED, beeper, and vibration
Product family DWS Dynamic
Your “package solution” from a single source
  • Legal-for-trade capture of volume and weight data with integrated code reading
  • Flexible system design individually adapted for your application
  • Highest measurement accuracy – even in rough industrial environments
  • Extremely high read rates in combination with proven reliability
  • Full integration in existing conveyor systems without reduction of throughput
Product family DWS Static
Static Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning
  • Dimensioning, weighing and identification data with the push of a button
  • Complete solution with integrated frame and roller conveyor
  • Commissioning within a few minutes
  • Legal-for-trade approved (according to OIML, MID and NAWI)
  • Special versions for irregular and oversized objects available
Product family DWS Pallet
Measuring and weighing pallets and other bulky freight items
  • Static dimensioning and weighing of pallets and other bulky freight items
  • Complete solution with folding steel tube frame, evaluation computer and touchscreen display
  • OIML certified and legal for trade according to international and local approval regulations
Product family RFGS Pro
The complete RFID object identification system for logistics applications
  • Remotely assigns tags to objects and detects the direction of the moving object
  • Remotely distinguishes between moving and static tags and filters them for the host message
  • Distinguishes between pallet and person
  • Stand-alone gate with integrated controller
  • Central interface for all sensors via CAN and TCP/IP network
  • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools
  • Parameter cloning of sensors via SD card
Product family IDM24x
Convenient and secure identification of 2D codes
  • Identification of all current 1D, stacked, and 2D codes
  • Reliable, secure, and fast code reading
  • Compact design, light housing
  • Manual operation and hands-free operation in presentation mode
  • Corded and cordless variants available
Product family RFID transponders
Clever little helpers for solving identification tasks
  • Passive transponders
  • Compliance with standards
  • Mounting on various materials possible, even on metallic surfaces
  • No visual contact required
  • Reading and writing
  • Ambient temperature range from −40 °C to +230 °C
Product family PS30
From pattern detection to rapid position identification
  • Rugged housing with rotatable male connector
  • Scanning speed up to 10 m/s
  • Reproducibility of up to 0.1 mm (2 Sigma)
  • Ethernet interface for integration into the machine controller
  • Integrated, visible object illumination
  • Operating elements with cleartext display
  • Software tools for visualized configuration and diagnosis of the sensor
  • Automatic configuration when changing objects
IO-Link sensors are integrated into the overall automation system with an IO-Link master. The device description (IODD) is used for the specific configuration; function blocks simplify programming...

Customers expect maximum flexibility from the CEP service provider of their choice and the ability to handle packages of varying sizes, shapes, and materials. This means that the number and complexity of the parameters to be considered in the identification process are on the rise. The different types of code are standardized, but they must be found and read on items in an increasingly complex package stream. The quality of labels is determined by numerous factors, such as printer performance, paper, labeling process, handling, abrasion, or soiling. Many of these factors are beyond the direct control of CEP service providers – yet their identification systems have to deal with them. SICK provides the right solution for all requirements.

The automated identification of products is a key task in storage and conveyor applications. SICK has not only mastered all the main technologies in the field of automated identification but also poses the right questions to ensure the right products for the task are selected from its technology portfolio (RFID, laser-based bar code scanners, and image-based code readers).

SICK sensors are the optimum solution for bar codes, 2D codes, or the promising RFID technology in the tough environment of day-to-day industrial life. They recognize familiar objects using optical or other physical recognition processes.

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Identification of the cardboard packaging
Identification of the cardboard packaging

Result 1 - 24 out of 928