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Flow measurement technology is used in nearly all industries. SICK has the tools to meet this many-faceted challenge and offers a comprehensive product portfolio of innovative sensor technology. Whether as custody transfer meters or measuring devices for monitoring and control: Flow measurement technology from SICK always works safely and reliably on the basis of the most up-to-date technology - even under difficult process and ambient conditions.

Flow computers for ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices from SICK

Newer-generation flow computers combine functionality with user-friendliness. They are the preferred device for use in custody transfer gas measurement, are approved according to the EU's Measurement Instruments Directive, and comply with the relevant international standards. The easy integration of temperature, pressure, and flow measurement values via digital and serial interfaces is used to convert recorded volumes. The flow computers use industry-standard conversion algorithms.


Name: SOPAS Engineering Tool 2018

Version: 2018.4

Software category: Configuration software

Size: 278.19 MB

Product family: MZT8 VIA, MZC1 VIA, MZCG VIA, MLG-2 Pro, ...

The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic compact gas flow meter from SICK is specifically designed for natural gas distribution applications requiring verified calibration. It ensures precision charging, making it the... Read on
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Product family VM400
The compact device solution for non-contact flow measurement in tunnels
  • Modern ultrasonic technology for non-contact measurement
  • Large measuring range
  • Compact device design
  • Very easy mounting and commissioning
  • Immune to contamination
Reliable flow measurement of gaseous media

Whether for volume flow measurement, mass flow measurement or flow velocity measurement - the measuring tasks for determining gas flow are very diverse. On top of this, there are often rough ambient conditions in challenging areas such as flare gas measurement, tunnel monitoring or emission monitoring. The ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices from SICK are up to any challenge. In compliance with valid norms and standards, they reliably measure a wide range of gases and are specifically aligned to the special requirements of the respective industry.

When sensors and sensor systems perform measurements, they calculate dimensions, contours and volumes. However, they also determine distance, speed and concentration. Fluid sensors and ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices determine temperature, pressure, fill-level and flow rate.

SICK is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications.
Product family FWE200DH
Reliable dust measurement in wet gases
  • For very low to medium dust concentrations
  • Gas sampling and return combined in one probe
  • Contamination check
  • Automatic monitoring of zero and reference point
  • Easy parameterization and convenient operation – optionally via supplemental remote unit
  • Integrated system diagnostics for early detection of maintenance requirements
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SICK offers several options for integrating the process, status, and diagnostics information of sensors into visualization systems and automation networks
Product family FLOWSIC100
Volume flow measuring devices for continuous emission monitoring
  • Rugged titanium converters for long service life
  • Corrosion-resistant material for use with aggressive gases (option)
  • Integrated measurement via duct diameter for types H, M, and S
  • Probe version PR for cost-saving, single-sided installation in duct
  • Automated operational check with zero and reference point test
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SCU, Control unit

Type: Operating instructions

Part number: 8011910

Title: SCU, Control unit

Release date: Aug 1, 2016

Size: 1.97 MB

SCU-P100 Control Unit

Type: Addendum to operating instructions

Part number: 8018018

Title: SCU-P100 Control Unit

Release date: Jan 1, 2015

Size: 436.00 KB

Product family FLOWSIC60
Continuous air flow measurement for mining applications
  • Continuous air flow measurement
  • Intrinsically safe with IECEx approval for zone 0 (EPL Ma)
  • Ultrasonic technology with no moving parts
  • Representative measurement across the entire width of the tunnel
  • For tunnel diameters from 0.5 m to 8.5 m
  • Stainless-steel components and cable protection tubing for a long service life in harsh environments
  • Integrated self-diagnostics
  • Analog output with error current output
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Waldkirch, September 2017 – The new non-contact DOSIC® ultrasonic flow sensor is used to detect the flow volume of conductive and non-conductive liquids. With its measurement channel and stainless-steel... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 37